Announcing LM Envision

Announcing LM Envision

LogicMonitor’s hybrid observability platform brings clarity to Enterprise IT 

2022 Is another exciting year for LogicMonitor. Today, LogicMonitor brought together customers, partners, industry analysts, and visionary thought leaders in New York City for our annual user conference, LM Elevate to discuss how to“elevate” their monitoring, their digital transformation, and their industries 

With keynotes by LogicMonitor Christina Kosmowski, thought leaders like R. Ray Wang and Patrick Moorhead, and Nitin Navare, LogicMonitor’s CTO, the audience gained insight into where LogicMonitor and the industry are headed. Breakout session topics included cloud and containers, APM and observability, and infrastructure and networks and demos based on key use cases and pain points were featured And since we were right by the Theater District, we couldn’t resist bringing IT monitoring stories to life with a little song and tap dance!

Along with the learnings, networking, and community discussions, LogicMonitor made some exciting announcements. 

Introducing LM Envision 

By far the biggest announcement at LM Elevate was the introduction of LM Envision. LM Envision is a SaaS-based hybrid observability platform that empowers modern enterprises to adopt a cloud-ready operating model for effectively meeting key business demands. LM Envision provides clarity across hybrid enterprise IT, brings diverse IT and development teams together to solve complex problems, and enables IT to innovate faster while improving operations efficiency to the critical IT services they deliver. 

LM Envision offers a compelling alternative to the tool sprawl that exists in many organizations today. By leveraging a platform that enables collection, analysis, contextualization insights, and exploration of observability data across traditional and modern environments, IT teams can remove the blind spots that come from siloed monitoring tools. Diverse IT teams can quickly rally around a platform that offers a “single source of truth” to quickly triage and resolve problems, leverage AIOps to spot performance trends, and shift their time and investment from operational tasks to work that drives innovation for the enterprise.

Product Announcements

LogicMonitor is committed to extending the value and use cases of our products and  announced additional improvements including: 

  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM) – Enables customers to identify application bottlenecks and optimize performance, providing an external view of website and service performance through synthetic monitoring.
  • Cloud Monitoring Enhancements – Expanded coverage for cloud and container visibility and insights for AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, and Kubernetes environments.
  • Logs Advanced Search – New query language that enables customers to use LogicMonitor as log aggregation and management, and surface logs more quickly during troubleshooting.
  • Terraform Integration – Automatically adds newly provisioned infrastructure into LogicMonitor, allowing customers to improve their existing IT ecosystem with increased speed and consistency.
  • StackStorm Integration – Automate remediation and other actions in response to LogicMonitor alerts to streamline incident response.
  • AIOps Alert Troubleshooting Context – Alert aggregation and contextual logs, topology, and graphs to help customers reduce MTTR.

The LM Envision hybrid observability platform helps CIOs with IT-business alignment by correlating IT metrics with business metrics by adding the necessary data context within the IT data supply chain. Additional innovations that further enhance the LM Envision platform, include:

  • Push Metrics API – Bringing in data from nearly any system into LogicMonitor, which can be used to add business context to dashboards, reports, and more.
  • Logs Modules and Data Sources – Provides out-of-the-box ease in data onboarding, search and analytics of key logging data sources.
  • OpenTelemetry – Incorporates business context directly into your microservices to correlate traces to the health of business services.

What’s Next? It’s All About Hybrid Observability Powered by AI

Observability is the future, but only if it truly unifies your monitoring visibility, instead of becoming yet another silo that creates the blind spots that are all too common with point tools or even suites that are not built for hybrid and multi-cloud. A true observability platform needs to cover your stack, from infrastructure to applications, and correlate business context to bring clarity to your IT Operations, application, SRE, and development teams. LM Envision is that hybrid observability platform. 

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