Azure Cost Management with LogicMonitor

Azure Cost Management with LogicMonitor

As the future of hosting in the cloud continues to evolve and expand, LogicMonitor continues to work to empower admins with useful insights and valuable data to make smart business decisions. Azure Cost Management with LogicMonitor helps optimize cost when planning future rollouts, auditing others already in-flight, and capturing shareable items on a recurring basis or with live access for accounting or management teams to get quick insight into Azure costs.

How It All Started 

Cloud services are the future of hosting. Having services and servers hosted is exciting and useful. However; there is no free ride to the future. As organizations move faster and more intelligently to the cloud and Microsoft-based organizations continue to depend on Azure services– keeping a close eye on what that new hosting is costing an organization is pivotal. 

Beginning in late 2019 and early 2020, Microsoft started shifting customers and partners to newer billing standards (EA, CSP, and MCA). Alongside that shift, new billing data emerged that was intended to help organizations understand their cloud spend. In 2020 the Cost Management API became available to allow for those costs to actually be monitored. 2021 sparked the transition of customers to the new Microsoft Customer Agreement plans. 

As this transition was occurring in 2021, LogicMonitor started working on a beta to help customers develop the collection and analysis of their Azure Cost Management data. As of 2022, LogicMonitor can pull, monitor, and visualize that cost data. Using three DataSources that have been developed, LogicMonitor can give powerful visibility and insight into Azure Cloud Costs per subscription ID, region, and per service.

Azure Cost Management for All LM Customers

As a result, customers who worked with LogicMonitor in the beta found the per service data a very useful insight to control and understand areas of high cost, as well as underutilization. Being able to find those areas is key to helping optimize cost when planning future rollouts and auditing others already in-flight.

Azure Cost Management is available to all LogicMonitor customers in your portal on versions 168 and up and DataSources are available in the Core Exchange. Additionally, you can use this dashboard to visualize the data in your portal today. Being able to quickly sort by cost per service, subscription, and region per cloud account will give you visibility and useful insight into your Azure cloud costs. The dashboard is also a great shareable item on a recurring basis or with live access for accounting or management teams to get quick insight into Azure costs.

Get Started Today

We believe that this will become even more important as businesses continue on their digital transformation journeys. Learn more today about how LogicMonitor can help you understand your Azure cloud deployment, connect with your customer success manager, or sign-up here for a free trial.