Celebrating Women@LM

Celebrating Women@LM

Women’s History Month is a month-long celebration of women’s accomplishments and contributions that is honored annually each March. From science to politics, Women’s History Month is a commemoration of the vital role women have played throughout history. This year, March also included International Women’s Day (IWD) and Equal Pay Day. When planning the events for March here at LogicMonitor, it was important to focus on the past achievements of trailblazing women while also fostering skills to empower our very own Women@LM and inspire careers and personal growth.  

International Women’s Day

Initially recognized in 1911 as a commemoration of the February 28 meeting of suffragists in Manhattan in 1909, International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. This year we hosted a Q&A panel with some of LogicMonitor’s women leaders to hear their achievements, successes, and the obstacles they have faced and overcome in their personal and professional lives. It was an engaging and inspiring discussion with an empowering message of standing out, speaking up for what you know is right, and surrounding yourself with the right people. In Pune, we hosted an interactive session with Poornima Parameswaran Batish, Founder of Woman At Work! and co-founder of Think Equal and MadeByHer.  

How LogicMonitor Is Empowering Women

With the goal of empowering our employees to defend themselves in any situation, our global workforce engaged in self-defense classes hosted throughout the month of March. The courses covered situational awareness and personal safety techniques and engaged our employees on a range of self-defense topics. Additionally, the Women@LM community group participated in a LinkedIn Learning challenge that focused on women’s empowerment with courses exploring gender bias and its impact, and how to support and empower women at work.

While we understand it’s important to recognize underrepresented people and groups on publicly observed days, we believe it’s more important to continually engage in efforts that further their specific causes throughout the year. Here are some of the ongoing programs and initiatives at LogicMonitor: 

  • Currently, women comprise less than 30% of the science and engineering workforce. With the hope of increasing that percentage, the LogicMonitor STEM Scholarship Program spotlights women in the STEM workforce and will award one recipient $6,000 for the 2021 school year. 
  • LM seeks to support women throughout their education and help to advance women in their careers while ensuring equal pay for all.  Closing the wage gap is an important issue that we take pride in tackling. Our own Alexis Barrett discussed with BuiltIn how LM takes on the challenge of the wage gap and closes it for our employees. 

Celebrating Women’s History Month once a year is a great start, but we hope that with our intentional programming we will inspire our LMers to spark a larger conversation and make women a priority every day.