LM Container: Introducing Support for AWS Bottlerocket

LM Container: Introducing Support for AWS Bottlerocket

Hybrid IT environments enable Enterprises to optimize factors such as performance, cost, agility, and security, but they also introduce complexity. Containers are a great way to reduce some of this complexity by standardizing how applications are developed and deployed. LogicMonitor enables the use of containers by making it easier for ITOps and DevOps teams to get visibility into their containerized applications, which is why we’re excited to announce support for Bottlerocket: the new container-optimized OS by Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Increase Visibility and Reduce the Complexity of Your Hybrid IT Environment

Bottlerocket is an operating system for running containers that helps reduce management overhead by making OS updates easy to automate. It uses container orchestration services such as Amazon EKS, minimizes update failures, and improves resource usage. LogicMonitor’s container monitoring, LM Container, is fully supported for AWS EKS clusters with nodes running Bottlerocket OS. By enabling teams to run containers more efficiently and providing full visibility into workload performance, AWS Bottlerocket and LogicMonitor together are helping ITOps and DevOps teams maximize the benefits of using containers in the first place. 

Getting started with Bottlerocket is as easy as selecting the Bottlerocket-specific AMI for your EKS cluster. To then deploy LM Container for insight into the cluster, simply run a few quick Helm install commands and voila! Instant visibility into the nodes, services, deployments, pods, and containers running in the cluster, as well as comprehensive performance metrics specific to the containerized applications LogicMonitor automatically detects:

Mysql dashboard in LogicMonitor
Kubernetes cluster overview dashboard in LogicMonitor

We’re excited to be invited by AWS as a launch partner for Bottlerocket, which as of today is generally available. If you’re not already using LogicMonitor, request a free trial today to start monitoring your containerized environments.