LM Referral Spotlight: Jo Saunders

LM Referral Spotlight: Jo Saunders

LogicMonitor’s Employee Referral Program has an impact seen throughout the organization. As 24% of our new hires in 2021 were the result of employee referrals, this program directly affects our growth. LMers essentially become brand ambassadors; broadcasting our celebrated culture, values, and business to their networks. Subsequently, we have some extremely talented professionals (and pretty cool people) join our team!

Jo Saunders joined LM as Account Executive, Mid Market I in January 2022. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her experience as a referral and how her life has changed since her first day at LogicMonitor.

How did you first learn about LogicMonitor?

I had been searching for a new job for about three years; sometimes very actively, sometimes just passively. As soon as I knew I was moving to Santa Barbara from San Diego, I dove into one of my very active searching phases. I looked up the local “rockstar” tech companies and came across LM very quickly. Not too long after that though, a good friend brought LM up as a potential company for me to look into.

Tell us a bit about the person who referred you to LM.

I had two separate referrals happen at once. One was through Dave Bryson, the other was through William Hidalgo. William is the one that submitted first though, so that was quick thinking for him! He used to work with an acquaintance of mine. I first contacted that acquaintance to just get his take on LM in general, but then it morphed into him making a LinkedIn intro between me and William. Fantastic.

The second one was through a good friend of mine that works at SHI and has worked on deals with Dave Bryson in the past. She emailed him directly, he asked for my resume, I sent it to her, and then Ernesto (my current manager) called me up!

What factors helped you to make your decision in choosing to work at LM? 

The interview process was thorough. I was confident in asking all the hard questions of everyone I talked to during that process. I only heard good things from friends/acquaintances from within the industry. Everyone I met along the way was pleasant and felt generally happy about working at LM.

The location was a bonus for me because I can walk or bike to the office 2-3 times a week. That hybrid WFH/office model is a big deal for me too. And last but not least, the total benefits packages are great.

What was your overall first impression of LM?

I was pleasantly surprised at the efficiency level of each of my initial touchpoints with people from the start. The diversity (especially with women at the C-level) is a big part of what attracted me to the company, along with local people I could interact with and hopefully become a normal, social human again after the pandemic.

What do you love about the team you work with now?

I like the responsiveness level. When anyone needs something or has a question, someone is on it – fast!

In what ways have you grown since starting at LM? What have you learned or accomplished? Or what do you hope to do?

Coming from an incredibly niche market, selling capital equipment in the amusement industry and private sector, I have learned a new way of selling and succeeding. Working in small groups with people that have similar goals is very helpful. It’s nice to have that built-in support and I can’t wait to be part of that support system for new people once I can stop treading water as a newbie myself.

What are you excited about going forward?

Career growth is what I was after while I was looking for a job. The everyday learning opportunities along with the LM-supported learning opportunities (i.e. seminars, books, LinkedIn Learning, etc.) will really help that happen. The most exciting thing for me is just talking to people – getting to know them and helping them solve problems within their business.

How has being referred to LM changed your career, life, or goals?

Getting out of the house and into a real work environment, albeit only a few days a week, is incredibly helpful especially since I am new to the entire area. I am a social person, so interacting with just my cat and Zoom meetings all day was starting to take a serious toll.

Breaking into the tech industry from “the outside” was the first major hurdle in the career growth that I have been working towards, so being welcomed here is the first HUGE step!

Lastly, the other thing that started to take a serious toll was working for an organization that did not walk the talk. So seeing decision-makers here at LM walking the talk or at least trying their hardest to do so, is an absolute game-changer. Nobody wants to trek up figurative work mountains only to find brick walls; that’s not a cool, easy, supportive, or sustainable work environment.

If you were to refer someone to LM, what advice would you give them or what might you tell them to help them make their decision?

If you put the work in, you will be supported and successful. And ask questions!