LM Referral Spotlight: Storm Stooker

LM Referral Spotlight: Storm Stooker

Storm Stooker is a Mid Market Account Executive based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Can you tell us a bit about how you were referred to LM?

I learned about LM through a mutual friend of Frederik Kunst, Regional VP, MSP & Channel at LM. He is a friend through my family and has 15+ years of experience in the IT industry. He’s been a Director of Sales in EMEA for two different American IT companies and has a high regard for LogicMonitor. 

Frederik introduced LogicMonitor to me as being a high-potential IT scale-up that would match perfectly with the stage of my career – both in ambition and pace of business. 

What factors helped you to make your decision in choosing to work at LM? 

The trajectory of the company was a huge factor. LogicMonitor feels like a plane on the runway ready to take off. You just want to be on that growth path that LM is on.

Additionally, everyone I spoke to within LM through the interview process was very open, welcoming, and honest. This helped me make a very good assessment of what working for LM would be like going forward.

What was your overall first impression of LM?

Fast-paced, fast growing, and full of young, high-potential individuals looking to make their career. 

What do you love about the team you work with now?

Everyone is ready to assist and help when you ask, in comparison to some other IT sales companies where it can sometimes be solely about individual gain and success. At LM, I really feel like part of a team moving in the same direction.

In what ways have you grown since starting at LM? 

I immediately dove into what LM is actually selling and how to position that in conversations with prospects. This helped me to learn more about observability and IT estates. 

From a sales perspective, LM’s Command of the Message training has allowed me to have quality prospect conversations way earlier than I had imagined. This, all while still having much to learn about the product.

What are you excited about going forward?

Being more and more capable of explaining how LM can overcome different challenges for the customer, understanding how to align to the customer challenges, and comfortably moving conversations towards business impact and positive outcomes. 

How has being referred to LM changed your career, life, or goals?

During all of my previous employment, I’ve always felt like I was making a temporary move. I did not expect those companies to be able to support my ambitions in the pace that I am willing to grow at. For the first time, I can confidently say I feel like that is not the case with LM. This is a place where I get inspired and want to grow my career. 

If you were to refer someone to LM, what advice would you give them or what might you tell them to help them make their decision?

If you have clear ambitions and you prefer running over jogging, LogicMonitor is the road to take.