LogicMonitor’s Inner Circle: Join LogicMonitor’s most strategic, forward-thinking advocates

LogicMonitor's Inner Circle: Join LogicMonitor's most strategic, forward-thinking advocates

We’re rolling out the red carpet for you. The Inner Circle is our exclusive customer loyalty program designed to educate, connect, and celebrate you!

At LogicMonitor, we celebrate our customers who go above and beyond to advocate on our behalf. You’re achieving amazing results and demonstrating innovation using the LogicMonitor platform.  Now’s the time to expand your sphere of influence and really get rolling by joining the Inner Circle

Customers who are true champions of the LogicMonitor product are the Visionaries – the individuals who see the value of comprehensive IT infrastructure monitoring and the impact it can have on their organization. They recognize that LogicMonitor provides the visibility and insights needed to proactively detect issues, reduce downtime, and optimize performance. As Visionaries, these customers are at the forefront of driving innovation within the IT space, and their feedback and insights are invaluable to LogicMonitor’s continued growth and development. 

vi·​sion·​ary /ˈvi-zhə-ˌner-ē/ adjective
1: having or marked by foresight and imagination

That’s why we invite you, our customers, to join the Inner Circle, a community of LogicMonitor Visionaries who share a passion for technology and a commitment to leveraging its power for the greater good. By joining the Inner Circle, these Visionaries will have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded professionals, share best practices and insights, and play an active role in shaping the future of LogicMonitor. Along the way, you’ll earn rewards within a fun, gamified environment.

LogicMonitor Visionaries are outstanding individuals who are making a real difference in their professional worlds and helping the entire community grow by supporting fellow users. When LogicMonitor Visionaries are asked about the difference this program has made to them, they talk about community, relationships, and growth. 

The Inner Circle encompasses an array of opportunities that are meant to center your story and shine a spotlight on your success.