LogicMonitor’s Q3 All-Star Employee Award Winners

Each quarter, LogicMonitor recognizes its top performers with the “All-Star Award” — a prestigious honor awarded to internal team members who truly embody LogicMonitor’s core values and consistently go above and beyond to contribute to customer and company success.

The following employees were recognized by their peers and form the most recent class of LogicMonitor All-Stars. Keep reading to hear about what sets these Q3 2019 All-Star Award recipients LMers apart. Congrats to all of our Q3 winners!

Dondy Aponte, Sales Engineer at LogicMonitor

Dondy Aponte

Sales Engineer, Santa Barbara


“Dondy is an All-Star in every sense of the word — he comes into the office every day with a positive attitude, always fired up and ready to go. The tireless contributions that he has made to the business, specifically in the APAC region, have been instrumental to LogicMonitor’s success.”

Amber Marsh, Team Lead, Sr. Sales Operation Analyst at LogicMonitor

Amber Marsh
Team Lead, Sr. Sales Operation Analyst, Santa Barbara


“Amber is a great leader and role model who has been transformative during her time at LogicMonitor. She’s compassionate, direct and dedicated to helping the company achieve great success.”

Julio Martinez-Thorpe is a Manager, Engineering in Santa Barbara, CA for LogicMonitor

Julio Martinez-Thorpe 
Manager, Engineering, Santa Barbara


“Julio is an integral part of the LogicMonitor team. He has made huge strides for the company, especially on the engineering front, and is one of the most passionate, caring leaders that anyone could ask for!”

Tahmid Nabi is a Sr. Software Engineer in Santa Barbara, CA at LogicMonitor

Tahmid Nabi 
Sr. Software Engineer, Santa Barbara 


“Tahmid is an exceptional engineer, mentor, and colleague. His calm and focused attitude helps keep the team momentum high, and he constantly goes above and beyond his job description to help fellow LMers succeed.”

Ryan Cheng is a Team Lead, Business Development in Sydney, Australia at LogicMonitor

Ryan Cheng 

Team Lead, Business Development, Sydney


“Ryan is incredibly smart, driven to succeed, and ticks all the boxes of LogicMonitor’s core values. He demonstrates great leadership and serves as an excellent source of guidance and inspiration to everyone around him.”

Zach Butler is a Sr. Market Development Representative in Austin, TX at LogicMonitor

Zach Butler
Sr. Market Development Representative, Austin


“Zach is a true team player, always fighting to do what’s best for the company. In addition to consistently hitting goals, Zach always keeps customer’s needs top of mind, staying late to field questions and speak with our valued customers. We are so lucky to have him!”

Sarah Robinson is a Sr. Manager, Customer Experience Operations in Austin, TX at LogicMonitor

Sarah Robinson 
Sr. Manager, Customer Experience Operations, Austin


“Sarah is a stellar example of true leadership. She is a wealth of knowledge who always makes herself available to answer questions and provide support to those around her. Sarah can always be relied on to get the job done and is an invaluable asset to the LogicMonitor team.”

Rory Stoddart is a Customer Success Manager in London, UK at LogicMonitor

Rory Stoddart 
Customer Success Manager, London


“Every morning, Rory walks into the office with a smile on his face and a bounce in his step. He has shown a tremendous amount of willingness and eagerness to learn, consistently improving his technical knowledge and thinking outside of the box. He is a true example of what it means to be #bettereverday and should be an inspiration to everyone!”