LogicMonitor’s Verified HashiCorp Terraform Integration Allows You To Do More With Less

LogicMonitor’s Verified HashiCorp Terraform Integration Allows You To Do More With Less

Here at LogicMonitor, we’re really big on extensibility and automation. We’re constantly adding to our catalog of monitoring coverage and ensuring that setup is as simple as possible. We also monitor almost any data you can expose on a network. People have done way more with LogicMonitor than we would have ever imagined, and I’m extremely excited to announce our next step in that commitment to extensibility and automation.

We’re proud to announce our official Terraform integration, which offers a robust and scalable enhancement that improves upon the usability and security of the former community-based, open-source integration. 

Our Terraform integration is now verified by HashiCorp. We have received overwhelming feedback that customers could benefit from a deeper, verified, and regularly updated integration. With that in mind, we’ve been building exactly that!

Repeatable Installations

With LogicMonitor and Terraform, you can model your environment by using declarative templates and use Terraform to manage your cloud environment. You can leverage infrastructure as code to ensure that any scaling up, down, onboarding, and offboarding is done in a controlled and repeatable manner. The best part is that as you make changes to your environment, LogicMonitor is kept in sync with the changes in the infrastructure it monitors. This ensures that no services are deployed without the needed monitoring, and the monitoring automatically adapts as systems or application environments are promoted from QA to staging to production.

This Terraform integration is just the next step in strengthening our collaboration with HashiCorp and continuing our product innovation for our mutual customers. The certified integration is available now.