Monitoring Zoom for Higher Education When You’re Stuck at Home

Monitoring Zoom for Higher Education When You’re Stuck at Home

Working from home today? You’re not alone. Well, maybe you are alone, but hopefully, you catch my drift.

During these unusual times, many schools and businesses are keeping their students, employees, and customers safe at home while ensuring they can still work and study effectively. While this is excellent news for those who like to work in their PJs, it can be daunting for the people running IT infrastructure who are needed to support the sudden surge of online conferences and collaboration.

One of our customers (a prominent University I was not smart enough to get into) is moving all of their classes online out of an abundance of caution for their community. They reached out to their Customer Success Manager here at LogicMonitor, hoping to get better visibility into their cloud-based conferencing tool Zoom. FYI: For other educators looking for a remote conferencing solution for the next few weeks, Zoom is giving free video conferencing to K-12 schools affected by closures.

Here at LogicMonitor, our vision is to expand what’s possible for businesses by advancing the technology behind them, and we work hard every day to realize that vision. Our customer’s IT team needed to ensure that Zoom was working during the unexpected usage surge. More importantly, they needed to be able to show their leadership team that everything was working smoothly.

This university had already leveraged LogicMonitor’s infinite extensibility to create some basic monitoring for the Zoom service. They were able to pull in statistics on things like active users, inactive users, and storage usage for their plan. However, they still lacked some important insight into Zoom that has become critical for them given the volume of usage as their users go remote.

We brought some of our best engineers together to close these gaps and get our customer the visibility they required. Our Sales Engineering team took the lead and were able to crank out monitoring that covers account licensing information, Zoom component status, and overall Zoom status. These items are critical for our customer’s IT team to be able to show leadership that there is no need to panic. Anyone who needs an overview of the system can get it from the comfort and safety of their home, and they don’t need a LogicMonitor account to see it through a shared dashboard.

I wanted to share this story today to let other customers know that anyone relying on Zoom can get the same visibility as the university for no extra cost. It is available in the repository today and will be available in a Zoom package from the LM Exchange in the near future.

I recommend also checking out our recently released Microsoft Office 365 monitoring. If your company has shifted to working-from-home, LogicMonitor’s platform gives you visibility into your Outlook, OneDrive, Yammer, and Teams environment to ensure that your users and customers remain productive. If there is an issue, LogicMonitor will let you know so that you can provide business continuity and worry about what actually matters, your business, your users, and your customers.

As always, we’re here to help. Please reach out if there’s anything else we can do to help you and your environment stay up and running during these difficult times.