Our Customers Steal the Show: 2022 Fearless Innovator Award Winners

LogicMonitor Announces Winners of Fearless Innovators Awards 2022

On June 2nd, the LogicMonitor community gathered in New York City to celebrate all things hybrid observability at LM Elevate, LogicMonitor’s annual, in-person conference. We heard from industry experts, leading analysts, and thought leaders across the globe about the IT landscape challenges organizations are facing, and how observability is playing a role in their digital transformations.

We also had the privilege of announcing the winners of the awards in our Fearless Innovators Awards Program. The program celebrates organizations and leaders across industries for elevating their businesses, teams, and careers by prioritizing observability in their IT strategy. Fearless Innovators were recognized within eight categories and announced at the conference. 

Without further ado, congratulations to our winners!

Agility Award – Winner: Alcon

The Agility Award recognizes an organization scaling their business with the help of end-to-end observability to improve the user experience, operational efficiency, and productivity while ensuring seamless business continuity. 

Alcon is in the midst of a digital transformation and transitioning to a true hybrid environment. To support this lift, they centralized all monitoring efforts and scaled down their observability tech stack from 17 tools to one platform in record time, to provide a better experience for their customers. 

Resiliency Award – Winner: Bandwidth

The Resiliency Award recognizes an organization that has seen the effects of transformation to complete visibility and how it has elevated their business by getting ahead of any challenges in their IT infrastructure.

Bandwidth grew to the point that its network monitoring tools couldn’t deliver the level of insights the team needed to scale. By addressing observability head-on, Bandwidth’s IT team now spends nearly 50% more time on development, with greatly reduced interruptions and more control over the holistic performance of their systems.

Visionary Award – Winner: Tapestry

The Visionary Award recognizes an organization that is taking a holistic approach to observability to consolidate all critical IT under a hybrid observability initiative to produce meaningful IT metrics that eliminate silos and elevate the business. 

Our winner, Tapestry has 99% of its infrastructure on the cloud, empowering its internal teams to run as fast as possible. Observability is a top priority and Tapestry’s focus on bringing simplicity to complex situations and predicting issues is truly visionary.

MSP Innovator Award – Winner: CDI

The MSP Innovator Award recognizes an MSP that has gone through a radical transformation in a short period of time, utilizing LogicMonitor to quickly deliver a better customer experience with rapid onboarding, automation, and improved SLAs. 

CDI enables operational, business, and digital transformations for its customers. We are proud to be in lockstep in innovating relevant, customer-centric strategies that lead to meaningful transformations and value for their clients.

Next Generation MSP Award – Winner: ATSG

The Next Generation MSP Award recognizes an MSP that has utilized LogicMonitor to transform how they go to market and continue to win new business, whether that’s helping companies adapt to hybrid strategies, expanding their routes to revenue, and/or differentiating their value-added services to attract new clients.

ATSG has evolved into one of our largest and most innovative customers. They have created an IT service management solution that stands as best in class in the industry. They are poised for massive growth and success in 2022 and beyond.

Emerging Partner Award – Winner: Optm

The Emerging Partner Award recognizes a partner who has rapidly built out its LogicMonitor practice to deliver tremendous results.

Optm’s ability to combine technical and market experience with a mature enterprise sales motion sets them apart. Optm’s team has gone through training with LogicMonitor to ensure our customers are successful. 

Partner of the Year Award – Winner: Ahead

The Partner of the Year Award recognizes a partner who has demonstrated all of the key characteristics of a trusted advisor. 

For the second year in a row, Ahead is one of our top producing partners, and has one of the biggest LogicMonitor-enabled MSP practices in all of North America. Congratulations to the team!

GSI Excellence Award – Winner: DRYiCE by HCL Technologies

The GSI Excellence Award recognizes a GSI partner who has demonstrated deep technical capabilities and a penchant for excellent service delivery. 

DRYiCE, by HCL Technologies, is a global leader in providing infrastructure transformation services to the enterprise and driving tremendous success with LogicMonitor. Congratulations to the team for the delivery of outstanding innovation. 

Congratulations to these outstanding companies and individuals for their success. We’re grateful for your partnership and look forward to continued collaboration in the future!