The Meaningful Impact of More Women in Top Leadership at LM

The Meaningful Impact of More Women in Top Leadership at LM

Earlier this year, Christina Kosmowski was announced as our new Chief Executive Officer and Carol Lee was welcomed as our new Chief Financial Officer. Along with our Chief Legal Officer, Yvonne Schroeder, LogicMonitor now has an Executive Leadership Team (ELT) that is 50% women and its first woman CEO at the helm. We asked the Women@LM group for their thoughts on these big celebratory announcements, here’s what they had to say. 

“LogicMonitor is a great place to work, as it has allowed me to be in a great environment with a ton of women in leadership. I feel like I have many opportunities to develop and grow my career within this company. LogicMonitor truly cares about growing a diverse women-lead workforce.” -Madeleine Le, Senior UX Designer

“I have never felt discounted for being a woman as I have at other companies. It is not even a question here at LogicMonitor, all are equal. Having a woman CEO means women everywhere can dream of having as much success as anyone else and having 50% women on the ELT feels incredibly empowering.” -Michelle Rehak, Talent Acquisition Coordinator

“This is huge. Watching a woman shatter a glass ceiling – especially for a technical product in a male-dominated industry – is just unreal. It energizes me and makes me want to go out there and win even more! I love having representation at the ELT level. It showcases our commitment to diversity and gives me visible role models in the organization.” Tylar Dykman, Director of Strategic Programs

“Christina possesses an innate skill set that caters towards communication, empathy, and emotional intelligence—the key pillars of conscious capitalism. She is a committed, confident individual and will show wonders to LMs way forward.” -Bheeni Kapoor Alexander, Director of Human Resources / HR Business Partner India

“I’ve heard Christina say “you can’t be what you can’t see.” I haven’t seen a woman in a role like this anywhere I’ve worked in my career. Seeing her achieve this role and navigate the obvious challenges makes it all the more possible for me to see that for myself. Having 50% women on ELT tells me we are putting our money where our mouth is and we believe that companies are more successful because of women in leadership. We aren’t just checking boxes and doing the bare minimum to act like we care.” -Alison Dixon, Sr. Manager, HRBPs

“Every LMer has equal value in this world. By signing your offer letter, you unlock a work environment of diversity and inclusiveness; where people leaders treasure the power of human difference, believing it is an essential ingredient to strong teams. Women of all backgrounds, status, and personalities are supported on an individual level through slack channels, continuing education, and opportunities for career advancement. Having 50% women on the ELT empowers me to set loftier goals for myself in my own career at LogicMonitor. I know that professional growth here is limitless.” -Emily Knox, HR Coordinator