Three’s (not) a Crowd: Celebrating LogicMonitor’s Success

LogicMonitor earns multiple Top Rated awards from TrustRadius 

LM earns “Best of” honors for Relationships, Feature Set, and Value for Price

Our commitment to listening to and trusting our customers has paid off three times over with TrustRadius, a trusted platform for unbiased customer reviews in the tech industry, recognizing LogicMonitor in three of its prestigious “Best of” Awards for the IT Monitoring category. “LogicMonitor has secured first place in all three Best of Award categories in the IT Infrastructure Monitoring category,” said Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius. “LogicMonitor’s achievement is founded entirely on customer feedback. Customers express their satisfaction with the feature set, confirm that the product lives up to sales and marketing promises, and provides good value for the price.”

TrustRadius is known for its commitment to providing buyers with valuable insights based on real user experiences. Unlike traditional awards influenced by analyst opinions, TrustRadius relies on authentic customer feedback. 

So what sets LogicMonitor apart?

Best of Relationships

TrustRadius reviewers praised our customer relationships, onboarding capabilities, and customer health tracking tools. Our dedication to understanding and addressing customer needs has clearly paid off. This category considered factors such as whether users ranked LogicMonitor high for “Would Buy Again,” “Implementation Expectations,” and “Sales and Marketing Promises.”

Best Feature Set

LogicMonitor boasts a feature-rich platform with capabilities that are second to none. “This recognition is rooted entirely in customer feedback,” said Healy. “Customers are delighted with the specific feature set attributes that make LogicMonitor excel.” They found our solutions to be comprehensive, offering a wide array of tools for reviewers’ IT monitoring needs.

Best Value for Price

In an age where the value for price is a key consideration, LogicMonitor shines. TrustRadius found our pricing structure aligns with the needs of our users, making us a cost-effective solution for IT monitoring.

These honors were based on reviews collected from January 1 to September 30, 2023. During that time, LogicMonitor proved that our team develops a world-class observability platform with an overall score of 9.1 out of 10, the highest in the Customer Success software category, and more than 89 verified reviews. We take great honor in receiving these awards as they have become an industry standard in recognizing organizations with an unshakable dedication to customers and a commitment to delivering an exceptional IT monitoring solution.