Virteva Customer Spotlight

Virteva Customer Spotlight

Virteva serves organizations that want better outcomes for IT support. Those organizations that want to delight users, leverage the strengths of their partners, and constantly seek continuous improvement of their environment.

Virteva believes that this new era of IT support requires a different mindset to thrive. We focus on enabling our clients and our end-users to be productive, secure, and have effortless experiences. To that end, Virteva has made significant investments in innovative technology and created scalable processes supported by people that push themselves to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers. Virteva, a Microsoft Gold Partner with multiple Advanced Specializations in Modern Workplace, helps organizations optimize the value from their Microsoft investment through Professional and Managed Services offerings that start with business outcomes and end-user success. Leveraging learnings from deployments and ongoing management of IT Operations, Virteva is uniquely placed to serve customers through a strong user-centric culture, industry-leading technology, and efficient processes to deliver an unmatched IT Experience.

Question: What was the main problem your customer was facing and why was it important that it was solved?

Zach’s Answer: Virteva worked with a large hospitality organization that wanted real-time call volume trends so they could act more proactively and improve their employee and customer experience. They wanted to better correlate call volume to incident management to resolve issues more rapidly.

Question: What solution(s) did Virteva come up with to address this problem using LogicMonitor? 

Zach’s Answer: Virteva offers Service Desk services in a shared services model, so our first reaction was to investigate capabilities in our Cisco phone system or Quality Management (QM) system to provide this access. However, there were data privacy risks that we couldn’t solve because of the multi-tenant situation. Then we thought of LogicMonitor because we have successfully leveraged the dashboarding capabilities via API for other solutions, but not with our Cisco phone system.

Question: What were the positive business impacts for your client that came out of this creative approach? 

Zach’s answer: When we brought in the data, we found visualizations of call volume that we’ve never been able to provide before. When we showed our customer, it was beyond any expectation that they had. We were able to show real-time and historical call volume data, this allowed them to answer questions that were previously unanswered.

Question: Have you been able to utilize this same strategy with other customers to help them achieve great results? 

Zach’s Answer: We are currently in the process of expanding our platform of dashboards within LogicMonitor to bring to our customers. We are excited to be building dashboards more than just our Service Desk, but also our O365 services, Azure, and Microsoft licensing, and we will continue working with our customers to understand how else we can improve their operational capabilities via LogicMonitor.

Question: Were there any other aspects of this great success story that you wanted to mention?

Zach’s Answer: “It’s worth noting that we were working with the VP of IT Service Management who was very concerned about the user experience and IT’s ability to respond to volume on the Service Desk. Let’s call this reacting proactively – meaning that we are trying to be proactive around responding to users’ needs by setting up systems, processes, and capabilities to react faster than we were before. IT needs to move from reactive to proactive to be a value driver for the business. However, the reality is in the support business, it’s not always possible to do that, so the next best thing is to ensure that when you have to react, that you have proactively put in place the things needed to execute to be as efficient as possible.

At Virteva, we strive to be an organization that works with customers to find innovative solutions, that wants to enable your organizations IT operational success and is focused on improving the IT Experience. We are excited to be able to execute on that promise via great solutions, like LogicMonitor.