What is Citrix NetScaler, and how does it work?

What is Citrix NetScaler, and how does it work?

Citrix NetScaler is a web application delivery controller (ADC) that can make applications run more efficiently. In some cases, they can run up to five times faster than without Citrix NetScaler. Also, it can reduce web application costs for the owner with server offloading, and it ensures that applications are readily available with its application load balancing features. Citrix more than 400,000 customers worldwide, with 99% of Fortune 100 companies and 98% of Fortune 500 companies. Customers include technology titans Microsoft, CNET, and e-commerce company eBay. 

To work with multinational super companies like these, Citrix has thousands of networks around the globe to optimize and secure all the services it provides, such as enterprise and cloud services. These networks will also offer the best user experience for all Citrix customers, whether you are using a desktop computer in an office or are mobile and on the move.

Citrix NetScaler can be bought as a piece of hardware or software, depending on the company’s preference. It features pay-as-you-grow software features that will grow with your company if you expand and grow. It is an innovative feature that has been very popular with a high number of customers.

Understanding the role of an application delivery controller

An application delivery controller (ADC) is a network appliance that can optimize and make applications for web browsing and businesses quicker and more efficient. This is completed by securing and strengthening the connection between the client’s network and the application servers. Historically, ADC is in the form of hardware, but more software-based ADCs are becoming commonplace. 

It is typically placed between the firewall, used for network security, and an application server in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) area. Previously they just accelerated performance and handled load balancing between servers, but ADCs can do so much more in this modern technology age.  

Modern application delivery controllers can accelerate network performance, handle load balancing as well as rate shaping and SSL offloading, and even, in some cases, can provide firewall service for web applications. Overall, they improve the performance, strength, and security of the online application. 

Importance of an application delivery controller

As many companies have their biggest customer market on the Internet, businesses need the security that their software is consistently accessible to customers whenever they want to access it. However, they want to, i.e., via desktop, mobile, or tablet. Due to this wide variety, it can be demanding for IT departments to ensure everything is always working optimally. 

But with the boost from application delivery controllers, the organization can ensure that its service is always reliable as it quickly distributes software across several platforms or operating systems without sacrificing the business performance. 

To cover all bases, companies can also implement additional servers in case of a server failure so that the quality of their internet-based business does not drop regardless of the adverse event. ADCs are incredibly important in today’s e-commerce world as customers want products available anytime on any device. 

Role of Citrix NetScaler as an application delivery controller

Application Delivery Controllers are vital in any network that would like continuous service and efficient e-commerce business. Along with distributing the software load, Citrix NetScaler can increase application speed, store and compress data, shape traffic, and provide protection.

They are the first line of defense for web application servers and can provide several defense functions such as protecting DNS application firewall, web application firewall, and DDoS attacks. Citrix NetScaler acts as a verification or auditing system for application servers behind cybersecurity protection. 

Citrix NetScaler optimizes traffic and organizes new and old traffic based on testing targets and SSL offloading to accelerate performance. Overall, it is implemented to optimize application delivery, ensuring that web-based businesses are always available, efficient, and secure.

How does Citrix NetScaler work?

Citrix NetScaler improves performance by using HTTP compression and data caching. The workload is shared over multiple servers and networks to ensure that there is not one point of failure or that one server is not overloaded, causing a slow or inefficient performance. 

It can be bought as:

  • Physical hardware (MPX)
  • Software (SDX)
  • Virtual (VPX)

Each piece of equipment has three different categories, standard, enterprise, and platinum, depending on the features the business needs. It has many different features, including load balancing, SSL offloading, and content switching. Load balancing involves sharing a workload throughout an enterprise to construct a resilient system or provide a high-performing system. 

SSL offloading involves reducing the burden on servers as information is consistently being sent to and from the business. It frees up space to give the servers more capacity and a greater ability to work through more data. 

Content switching involves switching traffic based on specific criteria such as file extension or geographical location. 

All these features and more help streamline a business’s operation and provide excellent service to its customers.

Benefits of using Citrix NetScaler

Citrix NetScaler should be used in every e-commerce or internet-based business as it:

  • Optimizes and controls the delivery of applications.
  • Improves performance and business continuity.
  • Improves network security of a business.
  • It gives a business continuous availability and reliability.

It has many benefits to ensure a business is performing at the optimum level constantly. In today’s business market, companies cannot afford any downtime or anytime when they are not operating at their best; an ADC like Citrix NetScaler can help businesses on their way to becoming successful and profitable without the heartache of untrustworthy service.

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