What is Logging as a Service (LaaS)?

What is Logging as a Service (LaaS)?

Logging as a Service, or LaaS, is a proven approach to managing and monitoring high-volume log data in modern dynamic environments. LaaS allows companies to manage log data regardless of whether it comes from applications, servers, or devices. 

With LaaS, companies can more easily aggregate and collate data, scale and manage storage requirements, set up notifications and alerts, and analyze data and trends. It also allows teams to customize dashboards, reports, and visualizations. It’s a platform designed to accommodate a company’s requirements for scalability.  

LaaS provides cloud-based services and support, unlike more traditional models such as subscriptions. LaaS manages your log files with web-based configuration so you can realize the benefits instantly. 

Why is log management so challenging?

A conventional approach to log management has its drawbacks. Here are a few of the challenges you might face with log management. 

Resource heavy

Log management tools require significant storage, so they consume CPU time. Not only do they need substantial storage for log data, but they also eat up considerable CPU time collecting and managing logs. As a result, you may have fewer resources for locally running tools for applications.

Poor reliability

Traditional log management tools can crash when they are locally hosted, or hosting servers might fail. This lack of reliability means you could lose valuable log data, which is never a good outcome. 

Minimal support

With logging tools, the scenario lends itself to a potentially faulty situation if you’re running more than a few applications across servers. Some companies may run some apps locally while running others in the cloud, but they still run into issues as they collect log data.

Lack of scalability

For companies relying on a local log management solution, the host infrastructure’s size may cause challenges. To increase log volume for your company, you’ll probably need access to more resources, which may already be limited. 

What are the benefits of Logging as a Service?

Logging as a Service maintains records of how the software is used for specific roles and functions across organizations. As a highly scalable solution, LaaS allows companies to focus on analyzing and better understanding the data logs instead of maintaining them. 

Ensures greater efficiency

Logging as a Service deploys an enterprise-wide solution quickly and reliably. LaaS solutions ensure innovation with centralized deployment and updates. Outsourcing software management lends greater productivity to teams across the organization. With fast and reliable tracking LaaS options, you can correlate events and perform distributed traces across software environments.

Protects your company

With better security measures, Logging as a Service can configure your infrastructure and log files to better support your company’s needs. LaaS monitors your systems for data breaches to give you better control and protection while supporting regulatory compliance as part of LaaS services. This means the service can quickly and reliably roll out security hotfixes. 

Visualizes log data

Visualizations are valuable and important. With graphing and data plotting tools used in a LaaS solution, companies can more easily visualize log data without the installation and configuration requirements. Companies save time and money and reduce frustration by avoiding manually importing data. 

Adapts to changing requirements

LaaS services support better adaptability to IT environments. With the realities of cloud infrastructure, container management, and even remote work scenarios, your company and team must be agile. 

Accounts for global coverage

Evolutions in IT environments and requirements mean that you should consider global coverage opportunities. LaaS services support regulatory enforcement and intellectual property (IP) protection even if your users are spread across the globe.

Delivers 24/7 support 

LaaS services address immediate troubleshooting needs, installing extensions, or reconfiguring logging tools. LaaS supports your need to ensure the functionality and accessibility necessary for operations, and it takes the guesswork out of monitoring those log files. 

Built for the future

Logging as a Service is what modern enterprises need. At LogicMonitor, we help companies transform what’s next to deliver extraordinary employee and customer experiences. Explore LaaS solutions that fit your business. Let’s chat.