Why LogicMonitor Is One of the Best Places to Work in Austin

Why LogicMonitor Is One of the Best Places to Work in Austin

As a Talent Acquisitions Associate, I speak to external candidates on a regular basis and the most common question I get asked is, “why do you like working at LogicMonitor?” At first, I thought, “How does everyone know to ask that question? Why is LogicMonitor’s workplace reputation so top of mind for job seekers?”

And then one day someone said, “I saw you on Built In Austin.” 

Built in Austin’s Best Places to Work List

2021 marks the third year in a row that we’ve proudly earned a spot on Built In Austin’s Best Places to Work list! This year, we are number two on the list of 100 companies. Getting recognized for our workplace values during an incredibly challenging year reminds us that we’re doing something right, and as high-achievers, we’re going to keep improving to make sure we make the list every year! 

It was challenging to connect to people last year. By ramping up the virtual stand-ups, game nights, and happy hours, LM didn’t miss a beat. We even figured out how to host virtual holiday parties that still included physical gifts, games, and cocktail classes! Since we were still able to hire a bunch of awesome people virtually, we launched a program called LM Breakrooms to help new employees meet other LMers outside of their teams and really feel like they’re part of #oneteam.  

Bettering Ourselves and the Community 

Good companies want to continually improve their products, but great companies also want their talent to be #bettereveryday. By virtually partnering with organizations like Code2College, we strive to be better teammates and better people.

“The Code2College event allowed me the opportunity to connect with students who have an upbringing similar to mine. I can be the relatable mentor I wish I had to share wisdom as the students embark on their own professional journeys.” – Alejandro 

Internally, LMers also came together like never before, participating in 45 events sponsored by our inclusive community groups. We tye-dyed with the Pride group, edited college essays with the People of Color and LM Cares group, and fostered conversations about mental health with the Women of LM and Wellness groups. We can’t wait to see what 2021 brings!

LogicMonitor employees celebrating pride during a Zoom meeting.

Monthly Harmony Bonuses

LogicMonitor always wants to know how we feel and what we need to feel supported and happy, and by using survey metrics, they take that information and figure out how they can make it better for us. Progress isn’t always easy, but when there is transparency and honesty, it’s clear that every effort is being put forth to make LM safe and amazing for all of us. Support and happiness look different for each person, so a monthly harmony bonus of $150 to do whatever we want with it is pretty amazing! Buy a standing desk for your WFH situation, buy snacks since we can’t get them in the office right now, buy hand sanitizer and face masks, or donate it- do whatever brings you harmony.

What a company can give you is important when you’re deciding where to work next, but how a company makes you feel is how you decide if you want to stay and grow there. If you’re looking to feel good about where you work, check out our careers page