Why I’m Here: Adding Fuel to The LM Rocketship

Ryan Kam, Chief Marketing Officer at LogicMonitor

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the volume of data and information being generated 24/7 by individuals and corporations. I can’t even get through my own email inbox some days. Yet keeping track of thousands of business-critical metrics and distributed infrastructure components and being able to hone in on what’s truly important in seconds has become table stakes for modern businesses. 

The rising importance of data and tech isn’t a new trend. However, the speed at which complexity is increasing, and the rate at which legacy technologies are failing in the face of fully remote workforces and hybrid infrastructures have both accelerated due to the global pandemic. Today, the ability of companies to remain agile, innovate and keep up with customer expectations is linked more closely than ever to a stable and reliable IT foundation.

It is this new reality that has led me to LogicMonitor. And after meeting with Kevin McGibben, LogicMonitor’s CEO, and Christina Kosmowski, LogicMonitor’s President, I knew immediately that I wanted to help tell LogicMonitor’s story. In fact, there were three specific things about LogicMonitor that made me instantly realize this opportunity was the right next step in my career journey: 1) the company’s amazing leadership team and culture; 2) its innovative platform vision, and 3) the opportunity to contribute to LogicMonitor’s exponential growth by sharing its unique story with the world. I’m also excited to join a company that solves for a genuine need made even more critical by the pandemic and technological convergence.

LogicMonitor’s veteran leadership team has led impressive revenue growth of 255% over the last three years and continues to launch a variety of new products. In the last 12 months, the company increased its R&D investment by over 60%. Most recently, LogicMonitor completed the acquisition of application error and performance monitoring company Airbrake. The company was originally built on a foundation of award-winning ITIM software, but it continues to expand beyond infrastructure monitoring through the addition of logs, error monitoring and application capabilities to its cloud-based platform.

In many ways, joining LogicMonitor is a continuation of the stories I have helped shape over the last 20 years at Five9, AppDynamics and Salesforce. LogicMonitor’s vision is to provide its customers with an AI-powered hybrid observability platform that breaks down traditional IT ecosystem silos and provides end-to-end visibility, insights and intelligent remediation across infrastructures, applications, networks and business systems. For readers unfamiliar with the concept of hybrid observability, it’s essentially bringing the right data together in a single pane of glass to create useful context for fast-moving organizations. 

LogicMonitor has experienced impressive growth over the last decade and has earned the trust and business of thousands of enterprises and managed service providers. After seeing where the company is today and after learning what’s coming from R&D in the near future, I knew that I had to be part of this rocketship ride. The way I see it, we’re already geared up for an exciting journey that will take us way beyond the stars. I didn’t want this compelling story to go untold, so…  I’m just here to add a little extra fuel to the ride.