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LogicMonitor + Ansible

Ansible Integration Summary

With the LogicMonitor and Ansible modules, users can effortlessly integrate the management of IT resources within LogicMonitor into existing Ansible processes – including comprehensive monitoring – into one consistent, repeatable process, using familiar Ansible Playbooks. Users can immediately add, create, remove, set SDTs etc. to as many hosts, hostgroups, collectors, datasources as they want.


  1. Handle your environment within LogicMonitor automatically
  2. Scalable deployment and management of resources in LogicMonitor
  3. Seamlessly integrate LogicMonitor management into Ops’ existing Ansible plans


  1. Install collectors
  2. Manage Devices by adding them into monitoring and device groups, and set properties
  3. Schedule downtime for collectors, devices and device groups
  4. Update properties


Please note that this integration is a community sourced integration from CodeLabs. It has been reviewed by our internal technical gurus, but LogicMonitor support does not support these tools. Must be a LogicMonitor customer to utilize this integration.