Apache ZooKeeper

Apache ZooKeeper

You chose ZooKeeper as a high-performance coordination service for distributed applications so you didn’t have to write one from scratch. Now you don’t have to write ZooKeeper monitoring from scratch, either. LogicMonitor will discover all your ZooKeeper servers, and monitor, graph, and alert on them automatically.

You will immediately have visibility into:

  • which server is currently the leader, and which followers
  • service availability
  • election quorum failures
  • heap sizing
  • garbage collection cycles
  • and many more metrics.

Just a few of the ZooKeeper metrics we monitor:

ZooKeeper Leader and Followers

Know where the Leader is for a quorum, and when there is a change in Leaders.

Monitoring ZooKeeper zNodes

Track the number of zNodes in your ZooKeeper service over any time range, from a year to the last 10 minutes.

Zookeeper nodes

Monitoring ZooKeeper throughput and latency

LogicMonitor will provide you a consistent view of the performance of your servers, regardless of whether they change roles from Followers to Leader or back – you’ll get a meaningful view of the history.

Monitoring ZooKeeper JVM Garbage Collection

Garbage collection iterations, heap size and usage, threads – just some of the standard data LogicMonitor will collect, graph and alert on for you – automatically.