Cisco Unified Communications Manager VoIP

Cisco Unified Communications Manager VoIP

With LogicMonitor, you can effortlessly monitor your entire VoIP infrastructure without spending hours of time setting up your monitoring system, or have to repeat the effort to keep monitoring up to date with changes in your dynamic environment.

Cisco phone registration for CUCM

Your VoIP system is the lifeblood of your company – only LogicMonitor enables you to effortlessly monitor all aspects, without requiring you to learn the intricacies of which objects are important to track and how to deal with changing object identifiers. LogicMonitor will show your call usage, monitor the status of ISDN channels, notify you of the change, and start monitoring it automatically. Meanwhile, the built-in intelligent thresholds will alert you of any problems while allowing you to customize alert levels for groups of devices- or even individual cards- and specifying granular alert routing and escalation.

Cisco DSP Card Utilization

Added a new DSP card into a router and forgot to add it into monitoring? LogicMonitor’s ActiveDiscovery will detect it, DSU/CSU modules, DSP resources, DS1 channels, track the jitter and call quality from site to site – plus all the regular router monitoring (interfaces, temperature sensors, QoS policies, etc.)

LogicMonitor’s flexible graphing and widgets let you create the dashboard you want, giving you an Enterprise view of your VoIP system at a glance. Create graphs that show just the data you want, presented just the way you want it – then drag, drop and arrange, or zoom in to different time frames, and filter out data to focus in on just the information you need.