Juniper Mist

Juniper Mist


LogicMonitor is proud to be an official Juniper Mist Technology Partner for AIOps.  As part of this partnership, LogicMonitor Envision provides monitoring for Mist-managed Access Points, EX-Series Switches, and Session Smart Routers (formerly 128T) that enables network service managers to track health, capacity, and performance trends, so they can provide proactive support rather than waiting for incidents or problems to occur. 

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Automated Onboarding and Device Synchronization:

LogicMonitor uses the Mist API to continually synchronize the inventory of Mist-managed devices for a given Mist Organization with the LM Envision Portal, so you don’t have to worry if new devices are being monitored.  This discovery automatically creates LogicMonitor Resource Groups (folders) and Resources (Devices) to mirror what Wireless Access Points, Switches, and Gateways (SD-WAN Edge Routers) exist in a customer’s Juniper Mist Organization.

Wireless Access Point Monitoring

Envision monitors the health, performance, radios, beacons, and network interfaces of Mist Access Points

Health monitoring continually tracks the status of the device (i.e. connected/disconnected) and key environmental characteristics of your Mist devices, such as ambient temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and the internal CPU temperature.  With this information you can protect your investments and avoid unnecessary outages by taking proactive, mitigating actions like moving a device to a more suitable location or adjusting the heating, cooling, or humidity.  Since customer environments are unique and there are many types of Mist devices, LM Envision’s Dynamic Thresholds can track and alert you when something is on abnormal rather than based on arbitrary, fixed thresholds. 

Performance monitoring tracks the CPU and Memory Utilization Percentage as well as the the total number of connected clients. Customers can use this information to alert if an Access Point is resource starved or if based on the current trend will become resource starved at a point in the future.

Radio monitoring independently tracks each radio’s  (i.e. 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz) status, power, connected client count, noise floor, and transmit and receive statistics.  This can be valuable to track connections by band to predict future bottlenecks or failures.

Beacon monitoring tracks the power of each beacon as well as its transmit and receive metrics.

Interface monitoring tracks typical network metrics like transmit and receive data and the interface status.  However, by default, we don’t alert on the status of the interface as we don’t want to cause multiple alerts for a single incident where the Health DataSource already tracks and alerts if a device becomes disconnected.

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EX-Series Switches

For Juniper Mist-managed EX-Series switches, Envision monitors the health, performance, hardware (fans, power supplies, temperature), digital optical monitors (DOM), class of service, and network interfaces.  The EX-Series are Juniper’s line of cloud-ready enterprise branch, campus, and data center switches that include but are not limited to EX2300, EX3400,  EX4300, and EX4600 models. 

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Session Smart Routers (SSR)

Envision monitors the health, performance, and network interfaces of Juniper Session Smart Routers (SSR).  Juniper SSR (formerly 128 Technology or 128T) are Mist-managed WAN Edge Routers having common models that include SSR120 and SSR130. 

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