Microsoft Message Queue

Microsoft Message Queue

Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) is a message queue implementation developed by Microsoft and deployed in its Windows Server operating systems since Windows NT 4 and Windows 95.

LogicMonitor actively monitors key performance counters of MSMQ to track Queues and avoid downtime or degradation in performance.

MSMQ Services & Message Metrics

LogicMonitor brings the health of the MQ services and each service’s queues by amount and size to ensure high uptime and peak performance. This is displayed in the out-of-the-box dashboard for MSMQ without additional configuration.

Dynamic Thresholds for MQ

LogicMonitor’s dynamic thresholds take into account seasonality. No more alerts when you expect a higher count of messages.

Monitoring MSMQ Events

LogicMonitor tracks WIndows events and will alert on MSMQ warning and error events under the Application Log events. When accessing an object fails or succeeds, it also adds an audit entry in the Security Log events.


Unlike other monitoring systems, no configuration is required. Simply enter a hostname, and LogicMonitor determines whether the system is a Windows server; 32 bit or 64 bit (and applies appropriate memory thresholds for alerting); discovers all interfaces, physical drives, logical file systems, and also finds all instances of MSMQ services on that host.

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