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LogicMonitor + Puppet

Puppet Integration Summary

Ensure consistency of your monitoring. LogicMonitor’s Puppet module allows a user’s Puppet infrastructure to manage your LogicMonitor account.


  1. Set it and forget it by defining how you want puppetized devices to appear in LogicMonitor and let puppet handle the management.
  2. Apply Puppet’s consistency to your monitoring so there are no more surprises.
  3. Automatically update your monitoring when device properties change, so you never have to make the same change twice again.


  1. Install collectors using Puppet
  2. Manage Devices by adding them into monitoring and device groups, and set properties in LogicMonitor
  3. Automatically update properties


Please note that this integration is a community sourced integration from CodeLabs. It has been reviewed by our internal technical gurus, but LogicMonitor support does not support these tools. Must be a LogicMonitor customer to utilize this integration.
Ruby (1.9.3, 2.0.X, 2.1.X) and Puppet 3.X OR 4.X
Puppet storeconfigs enabled

Want to try it out? Find instructions for setup here.