Pure Storage

Pure Storage

When Pure Storage systems are the foundational layer on which your technology stack is built, you need complete visibility into array health and performance issues. LogicMonitor provides comprehensive monitoring for Pure Storage arrays and it’s a snap to setup. Just add the device and its API key and you’re off and running in minutes.

Track and measure the following:

  • Overall Array Performance & Utilization: IOPS, Latency, Queue Depth and Throughput along with free space, data reduction efficacy, and more
  • Per-Volume Performance & Utilization: get complete visibility into volume Latency, IOPS, and Throughput so you can identify issues before they result in an outage
  • Track health of individual drives, network interfaces, fans, as well as temperature sensor data
  • Ensure Volume Replication jobs are completing as configured
  • Monitor redundant controllers and controller failover
  • Automated monitoring includes preconfigured alert thresholds based on vendor best-practices

Track array performance issues comprehensively – all the way down to queue depth.

PureStorage Queue Depth

Survey per-volume request latency at-a-glance, and quickly identify volumes that might suffer from performance issues.

PureStorage Top Volumes by Latency

Track volume replication jobs to ensure 100% completion rates and measure time-to-completion.

PureStorage Replication Progress