Optimizing your network security management system is a breeze with LogicMonitor’s SonicWALL monitoring, offering a suite of features designed to enhance visibility, streamline operations, and ensure the utmost reliability.

SonicWall Monitoring Benefits

Proactive Alerting

Uncover issues before they impact your business with advanced, proactive alerting capabilities.

Automated Discovery

Eliminate manual work and maintain an up-to-date view of your SonicWALL infrastructure with automated device and service discovery.


Scale your network confidently knowing LogicMonitor can seamlessly handle growth.

LM Intelligence Topology map and dashboard

Intelligent Reporting

Leverage the power of data to make informed decisions, with detailed reports on the performance, availability, and health of your SonicWALL infrastructure.

Comprehensive Visibility

With LogicMonitor, unlock unparalleled visibility into your SonicWALL firewall infrastructure. Our intuitive dashboards deliver critical insights, transforming raw data into actionable intelligence. Coupled with detailed, intelligent logging capabilities, you will gain a powerful understanding of the performance, availability, and health of your SonicWALL infrastructure, empowering your team to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Network Performance dashboard

Advanced SNMP monitoring

LogicMonitor utilizes SNMP to interact with your SonicWALL devices, gathering critical performance and status information. Our platform deciphers the SNMP data, converting complex data points into understandable and actionable metrics. This holistic understanding of your SonicWALL firewalls provides an invaluable advantage to keeping your systems up and protected.

This dashboard provides an a listing of various metrics that are monitored for Linux servers using SNMP or SSH. The metrics displayed are status, real-time CPU utilization, real-time memory utilization, real-time storage utilization, CPU utilization over time, memory utilization over time, storage utilization over time.