Tintri Storage

Tintri Storage

Tintri puts the agility of public cloud in your data center. LogicMonitor helps you make the most of your Tintri deployment by delivering comprehensive performance, health and availability monitoring.

Using LogicMonitor, you can track and measure:

  • Overall Appliance Health: monitoring the status of fans, power supplies, redundant components, power supplies, and temperature.
  • Controller Health and availability: monitor standby/active roles, measured temperature, and status.
  • Tintri Disks: monitor the status of each individual disks, as well as any necessary rebuild jobs and progress.
  • Tintri Datastore performance and health: capacity, latency, IO operations per second, throughput, replication performance, compression and performance reserves.

Receive alerts on any event likely to affect the availability of the Tintri system.

Just some of the Tintri monitoring we collect and alert on:

Datastore performance:

Tintri Datastore

Appliance Health

Tintri Appliance

Tintri Disks

Tintri Disks