Unleash More Integrations with LM Exchange

Unleash More Integrations with LM Exchange

LogicMonitor offers an ever-expanding library of integrations to bring you out-of-the-box monitoring for the networking devices, applications, databases, services, cloud platforms, SaaS applications and other systems and tools your enterprise relies on. LM Exchange provides a centralized view of integrations available in LogicMonitor’s global repository—whether developed by LogicMonitor or a member of LogicMonitor’s user community. Additionally LM Exchange, Cloud Integrations provides an intuitive, three-step configuration wizard to quickly onboard and monitor, via APIs, cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and GCP, and SaaS applications such as Office 365, Salesforce, Zoom or any supported by Atlassian

Monitor over 1,500 technologies easily and quickly

LogicMonitor provides broad and deep monitoring of over 1,500 enterprise technologies including network devices, applications, databases and services. LM Exchange allows you to:

  • Quickly search for what you want to monitor, select the components that match your environment needs and have proactive, real-time visibility within minutes.
  • Access a community of LogicMonitor developed LogicModules and those developed by our customers.

Real-time visibility into SaaS apps and cloud platforms in three clicks

LogicMonitor’s LM Exchange, Cloud Integrations provides rapid monitoring of business-critical SaaS applications and cloud platforms without deploying any agents or Collectors, for seamless employee experience:

  • Intuitive and guided configuration. Nothing to deploy! Select which SaaS applications or Cloud Platforms you want to monitor and click which components/services are important, and be proactively monitoring in minutes.
  • Simple pricing and packaging. Pay per the number of SaaS applications that you want to monitor.
LogicMonitor LM Exchange Cloud Integrations

Performance and user experience insight into mission-critical SaaS apps

LM Exchange, Cloud Integrations lets you be the first to know about SaaS application issues:

  • Coverage of key SaaS applications. API-based monitoring means that you can proactively understand the performance and availability of Office 365, Salesforce, and Zoom (Atlassian, Slack, Zendesk, Google Workspace and others coming soon). Additionally, for free, monitor any SaaS application supported by Atlassian (more status page integrations coming soon) to be one step ahead of availability issues.
  • Real-time usage information. Audit and know license utilization for each SaaS app and what the experience is for each employee.
LogicMonitor LM Exchange SaaS apps insight Zoom Dashboard

Proactive performance monitoring of all major cloud platforms

LogicMonitor via LM Exchange, Cloud Integrations provides one, multi-tenant platform to monitor hybrid and multi-cloud environments:

  • Comprehensive insight into public cloud platforms. Performance and availability monitoring via AWS, Azure and GCP APIs, with no agents to deploy.
  • Market-leading hybrid cloud monitoring. Go beyond the monitoring of public-cloud platforms and monitor across on-premises, private and multi-cloud environments, with LogicMonitor’s intelligent infrastructure monitoring platform.
LogicMonitor LM Exchange proactive performance monitoring AWS EC2 Dashboard

For more information, see our support guide on LM Exchange.