XtremIO All-Flash Storage
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XtremIO All-Flash Storage

XtremIO dramatically improves IT operation efficiency, transforms application workflows with copy data management, reduces storage capacity requirements with inline data deduplication all while delivering consistent high performance. LogicMonitor helps you make the most of your XtremIO deployment by delivering deep insight and monitoring.

Using LogicMonitor, you can monitor and alert on:

  •  Cluster Performance
  •  Storage Controllers
  •  Volumes
  •  Snapshots
  •  Solid State Drives (SSD)
  •  Data Protection Groups
  •  Fibre Channel Targets
  •  Environments (XENV)
  •  Infiniband Switches
  •  Power Supply Units (PSU)
  •  Enclosures


Cluster PerformanceCPU, Memory, IOPS, Throughput, Latency, Storage Utilization, Space Savings, Deduplication
VolumesThroughput, IOPS, Latency, Unaligned I/O, Storage Utilization, Certainty State, Volume Age
SnapshotsThroughput, IOPS, Latency, Size, Age 
Data Protection GroupsUser Storage Data Utilization, Protection State, Bandwidth, IOPS, Rebuild & Rebalance
TargetsThroughput, IOPS, Latency, Port State, Port Health, Sync State, Unaligned I/O
InitiatorsThroughput, IOPS, Latency, Unaligned I/O
Management ServerCPU, Memory, IOPS, Bandwidth, Latency, System Uptime, Event & Cluster Log
Environment (XENV)Operational State & CPU Utilization
Consistency GroupsSync State & Associated Volumes
Infiniband SwitchesOperating State, Port State, Temperature Sensors, Voltage Sensors, Fan Speed
Backup Battery UnitsCharge, Runtime, Operating State, Load, Power (watts), Voltage, Current (amp), Outlet State, FRU Lifecycle, Battery Replacement State
SSDStorage Utilization, Life Remaining, IOPS, Bandwidth, Operating State, Controller State
DAE ControllersOperating State, FRU Lifecycle, Connectivity Status, Health, SAS Ports
DAE PSUOperating State, FRU Lifecycle, Power Input State, Failures
Storage ControllersOperating State, FRU Lifecycle, iSCSI Daemon State, Port State, Link State, Infiniband Errors
Storage Controller PSUOperating State, FRU Lifecycle, Power Input State, Failures
Storage Controller Local DisksOperating State, FRU Lifecycle, Bad Sectors, Failures