LogicMonitor Zoom Integration


Zoom is a cloud platform providing remote conferencing services that combine video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. 

LogicMonitor offers out-of-the-box monitoring for Zoom, allowing you to monitor various aspects of the service including room health and global user statistics.

Real-time visibility into Zoom performance and availability

With LogicMonitor’s out-of-the-box Zoom monitoring and dashboard, you gain immediate insight into:

  • Zoom status and health with immediate notification into active performance or availability issues down to a room level
  • Quality of service metrics for Zoom meetings including audio and video latency, jitter bitrate, and average loss
  • Global usage stats and resource utilization for each sub account
Zoom Dashboard

Proactive monitoring in three clicks

LogicMonitor’s LM Exchange, Cloud Integrations provides rapid monitoring of Zoom (and other SaaS applications and cloud platforms) without deploying any agents or Collectors, for seamless employee experience:

Cloud integrations available in LogicMonitor within the platform.

See the health of all mission-critical SaaS apps in one platform

LogicMonitor provides comprehensive monitoring of all major SaaS applications:

  • With LM’s agentless collector, monitor web conferencing applications such as Citrix Gotomeeting, Office 365, Citrix XenApp and engineering services such as Github and Gitlab, or ISP and VPN connectivity
  • Use the Remote Workforce Executive Overview dashboard to have one view of your SaaS apps, VDI infrastructure and critical networking technologies
Remote Workforce: Executive Overview Dashboard

With LogicMonitor, a prominent American University has been able to build executive-level dashboards to report on the health of Zoom and ServiceNow to increase visibility into critical applications supporting their work from home and tele-education initiatives.

For more information, see our support guide on Zoom monitoring.