LogicMonitor’s Kubernetes Container Monitoring Delivers Superior Insight for DevOps Environments

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Jan. 15, 2019LogicMonitor, the leading SaaS-based performance monitoring platform for enterprise IT and Managed Service Providers, today introduced two innovations to help engineers monitor their dynamic microservices and containerized applications: Kubernetes container monitoring and LM Service Insight™.

According to a Cloud Native Computing Foundation survey, 40 percent of enterprise companies are running Kubernetes in production. These containers create a dynamic environment that is difficult to monitor. LogicMonitor addresses these challenges by combining robust Kubernetes monitoring and long-term data retention into one integrated platform.

“We implemented Kubernetes monitoring using the LogicMonitor platform and it was immediately clear that it had several built-in conveniences,” said Mike Woycheck, Reliability Engineer at SPS Commerce. “Spinning it up, the Kubernetes monitoring app provided a great deal of information at once and it was organized in a way that was easily readable. The other monitoring tool required us to figure out our own queries and set up our own dashboards, creating a lot of extra leg work. LogicMonitor’s platform has those capabilities built in.”

LogicMonitor’s event-based Kubernetes monitoring:

  • Eliminates the need to have an agent on every node
  • Automatically adds and removes cluster resources from monitoring
  • Offers comprehensive performance and health metrics at both the cluster and application level
  • Provides insight on underutilized resources (including CPU and memory) for maximum optimization

“If you want to break up a monolithic service into microservices orchestrated with Kubernetes, you shouldn’t have to stop and make sure your monitoring solution can keep up. You should never have to sacrifice business vision because of infrastructure challenges,” said Steve Francis, Founder and Chief Evangelist at LogicMonitor.

LM Service Insight™ provides service-oriented monitoring, enabling the dynamic grouping of resources that support a common application, service or cluster together into one logical group, while still providing visibility into the underlying resources. LM Service Insight enables DevOps teams to ensure better availability and performance of services and applications, view historical service performance and reduce alert noise. Additionally, service topology is automatically generated and presented alongside monitoring and alerting data.

Organizations can use Kubernetes container monitoring and LM Service Insight™ together to aggregate data across ephemeral containers and better understand overall application performance over time.

To learn more about these capabilities, visit the LogicMonitor website.

About LogicMonitor®

LogicMonitor® is the leading cloud-based performance monitoring platform for enterprise IT. With coverage for thousands of technologies out of the box, LogicMonitor provides granular visibility into resources, services and applications across infrastructure on-premisess and in the cloud. IT and DevOps teams benefit from a unified view of hybrid environments to prevent outages, shrink the time needed to resolve issues, and optimize cloud spend. LogicMonitor’s automated device and resource discovery, preconfigured alert thresholds and customizable dashboards come together to give IT teams the speed, flexibility and actionable insights required to innovate in today’s competitive markets.


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