EA Collector – 28.100

Last updated on 14 September, 2022


  • The collector can now run without administrative or root privileges on both Windows and Linux.
    • Administrator/root privileges are still needed for the initial installation.
  • Syslog performance has been improved.
  • Modifications to the JRE keystore are now kept during collector upgrade.


  • Fixed InstallShield Wizard progress bar which didn’t fill, causing unnecessary uncertainty about the process.
  • NetScan will not use ARP to scan hosts outside of the same subnet. This lead to incorrect device types being reported.
  • Fixed a possible memory leak when using SNMPv3.
  • Fixed issue where Ping task would non report data if it timed out.
  • Fixed issue where JDBC AD and Collection would fail if the domain name contains “-“.
  • Fixed memory leak issue with Groovy tasks.