EA Collector 35.200

Last updated on 27 March, 2024

LogicMonitor EA Collector 35.200 is released on January 25, 2024. It is based on the previously released EA Collector 35.100 and includes the following additional updates.


  • For ease of use and simplicity, we have deprecated the Configure application in Windows collector. You can continue to install collector on Windows without any issue.
  • Added Regex group support to resource mapping for Syslog LogSource.
  • Upgraded the LogicMonitor_Collector_Snippets module to the latest 1.10.0 version in all portals.
  • Added the Enable for default log collection option on the Add Collector page. You can select this option to enable a collector to ingest all the syslog and SNMP traps forwarded to LM logs. Selecting this option updates the value of lmlogs.syslog.enabled and lmlogs.snmptrap.enabled in the agent.conf settings. 

Note: If syslog collection is already configured using agent.conf, syslog collection will continue to work except for filter conditions (that is, logsource.syslog.filter.1.xyz). You may add your filters to the LogSource to maintain the same level of filtering. To know more, see syslog LogSource configuration in the product documentation.

  • Users can now create a LogSource which can be applied on a collector, unlike the usual LogSource which is applied on a resource. Once the LogSource is applied on a collector, it can process the syslog and traps forwarded to the collector, even if the resource which is forwarding the syslog and SNMP traps is not monitored by that collector.
  • To authenticate the SNMP traps coming from unmonitored devices so that collector can ingest the traps as LM Logs, you can now add the SNMP credentials (for the SNMP v3 traps) or community strings (for the SNMP v1 and v2c traps) as collector device properties. To do so, prefix a number (sequentially starting with 1, 2, 3, and so on) to the property for each set of credential. For example, for multiple community strings:
    • 1.snmptrap.community
    • 2.snmptrap.community
    • 3.snmptrap.community

      For multiple SNMP credentials
    • 1.snmptrap.auth
    • 1.snmptrap.authToken
    • 1.snmptrap.priv
    • 1.snmpTrap.privToken
    • 1.snmptrap.security
    • 2.snmptrap.auth
    • 2.snmptrap.authToken
    • 2.snmptrap.priv
    • 2.snmpTrap.privToken
    • 2.snmptrap.security

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect WMI and ping threadpool size was set for auto balanced collector group (ABCG) for XXL collectors. After the fix, WMI and ping threadpool size is set according to collector size as designed in the agent.cong settings.
  • Fixed a security issue related to wrapper.log
  • Fixed an issue related to Topology source feed parsing.