Bachem cures alert fatigue

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The Situation

Bachem Holding AG is a Swiss technology company active in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry and pharmaceuticals. It develops products and services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and research. Bachem’s team was suffering from major alert fatigue, receiving 2,000+ alerts over a 30 day period, resulting in one member of the IT team spending 15 hours per week sorting through alerts to deem what was critical status. 

The Solution

Through strategic initiatives and syncs between Bachem and the LogicMonitor account teams, they were able to leverage features such as Dynamic Thresholds, Root Cause Analysis and Topology Mapping to reduce the number of alerts significantly. 

The Results

Bachem has now changed their approach from reactive to proactive monitoring by being able to identify the root cause of an issue quickly with topology mapping and RCA features. Enabling Dynamic Thresholds has reduced unnecessary alert storms and as a result, the team’s time spent going through alerts has decreased from 15 hours to 5 hours. Bachem’s team can now refocus their time on projects that drive the business forward, such as their deployment into Azure.