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BlueBridge Networks Lands New Business with SaaS Added to Its Arsenal

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MSP (Managed Service Provider)

About BlueBridge Networks

BlueBridge Networks is an Ohio-based datacenter and cloud managed service provider (MSP) serving customers with a range of IT services focused around helping businesses make the most of the cloud. BlueBridge helps its customers migrate to the cloud and offers virtual datacenter services, backup, replication and disaster recovery in addition to traditional data center services, including colocation and hosting.

Monitoring Complex, Hybrid Environments

Each BlueBridge customer environment includes a unique array of equipment from several vendors. As a datacenter and cloud provider, BlueBridge needed a monitoring solution that could cover both cloud-based as well as on-premises systems.

Prior to adopting LogicMonitor, BlueBridge relied on several monitoring tools to cover the spectrum of monitoring needs. This came with considerable downsides.

Each monitoring tool had its own user interface that had to be accessed separately, and data could not be easily consolidated or shared between monitoring systems. In addition, maintaining the monitoring systems was nearly a full time job as devices were added and removed and thresholds modified and updated. BlueBridge recognized that a unified monitoring tool would allow the company to overcome these obstacles and redirect staff time spent on managing the monitoring tools to more fruitful endeavors.

LogicMonitor helps us sell our whole service package. It’s terrific to have a sleek, single pane of glass for demonstrating the value of our services to potential customers.

Kevin Goodman Managing Director and Partner, BlueBridge Networks

LogicMonitor: Tried and Tested

BlueBridge CTO, Roger Mitan, joined the team in 2014 with a plan to bring a tried and tested monitoring model to BlueBridge. “I had been using LogicMonitor for some time after being originally introduced to it as a simple NetApp monitoring solution. I have watched it evolve substantially and it’s become the only tool in our monitoring approach,” says Mitan.

By unifying monitoring into a single tool, BlueBridge freed its technical staff from the tedious and inefficient tasks of maintaining multiple monitoring tools.

“Adopting LogicMonitor relieved my technical team from a lot of work,” says Mitan. “We had many tools that had to be set up and maintained individually. LogicMonitor freed us up from having to spend a large amount of time managing and maintaining those multiple tools. This was a huge opportunity cost for BlueBridge. Now, my technical staff can focus directly on our customers and on providing the white glove service our customers rely on.”

Leading the Sales Conversation

In addition to lightening up the workload for technical staff in the back room, LogicMonitor has also become a tool BlueBridge can show off to customers and prospects. “LogicMonitor is packaged with all BlueBridge services, and we now use it to lead a lot of sales conversations,” says Kevin Goodman. “LogicMonitor helps us sell our whole service package because it consolidates a huge number of monitoring tasks into a single pane of glass. It’s terrific to have a sleek, single pane of glass for demonstrating the value of our services to potential customers.”