Cloud 2025: The future of workloads in a cloud-first, post-COVID-19 world

2025 on a cloud

What will the long-term impacts of COVID-19 be on IT organizations worldwide?

87% of global IT decision makers agree that the current COVID-19 pandemic will cause organizations to accelerate their migration to the cloud.

Where are the workloads?

IT decision makers anticipate a decline in on-premises workloads by 2025 amidst accelerating shifts to the cloud

When will 95% of all public, private and hybrid workloads run in the cloud?

Cloud 2025 by Country

Global predictions as to when 95% of workloads will run in the cloud

Top 3 “Remote Workforce” IT Adjustments Required

What are the main ways in which your department has had to adjust during this new “remote workforce” era?

IT’s Take on Remote Work and Cloud


In May – June 2020, LogicMonitor commissioned an independent third-party research firm to survey 500 IT decision makers from the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand to ascertain their views on IT automation, cloud migration and business continuity in the face of unexpected crises.

Evolution of IT Research Report

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