Evolution of IT

LogicMonitor asked 500 global IT leaders from across the globe how their departments are evolving to maintain SLAs and business continuity in an ever-changing environment.

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IT Teams Lack Confidence in Their Infrastructure’s Ability to Withstand a Crisis


of IT decision makers feel there is only a small (or zero) chance their infrastructure can withstand a crisis


of IT decision makers feel their IT infrastructure is ‘somewhat prepared’ to withstand a crisis


of IT decision makers feel their IT infrastructure is ‘very prepared’ to withstand a crisis

Top 5 IT Crisis Concerns

During a crisis when people must work remotely or where the office cannot be accessed in a reasonable timeframe, IT leaders say they are most concerned about the following:

  • Dealing with internet outages or other technical issues remotely
  • Network strain from having too many individuals logging in remotely
  • VPN issues
  • Not being able to access hardware
  • Teleconference software security issues

Top Crisis Responses Include Investing In
Employee Productivity Tools & Cloud 

IT Methods Used to Accommodate Fully Remote Workforces

Top 3 “Remote Workforce” IT adjustments required for continued success


Increased use of investments in cloud technologies


Implement new collaboration tools, data sharing, and VPN access


Problem solving for limited access to servers

IT automation will become a focus in next three years.

  • 49% of respondents who possess a ‘great deal’ of automation feel very confident in their organization’s ability to withstand a crisis
  • 74% of IT teams around the world currently use AIOps functionality within their daily workflows
  • 93% say investing in automation is worthwhile because it allows IT teams to focus on more strategic tasks and initiatives
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METHODOLOGY: Content updated January 2023. In May – June 2020, LogicMonitor commissioned an independent third-party research firm to survey 500 IT decision makers from the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand to ascertain their views on IT automation, cloud migration and business continuity in the face of unexpected crises.