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LogicMonitor’s LM Logs product provides intelligent analysis of logs to help IT Operations proactively identify and fix problems before they cause disruption.

See LM Logs in action.

LM Logs automatically analyzes 100% of your log data to uncover root causes for your alerts and surface previously unknown issues predictively.

Features covered include:

  • Comprehensive and extensible log collection
  • AIOps-based log anomaly detection
  • Unified observability experience
  • Keyword search and filtering

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AIOps-based log anomaly detection

Sophisticated algorithms detect different types of anomalies in logs and surface them automatically for faster troubleshooting.

Just-in-time contextual troubleshooting

Surface log anomalies right within the context of the alerts assisting in just-in-time troubleshooting by bringing the metrics and logs in a single context.

Unified observability experience

Automatically correlate Metrics, Topology, and Logs from complex enterprise environments providing a unified observability experience that illustrates “what is changing”, “where it is changing”, and “why it is changing”.

Enterprise-scale SaaS platform

Built on LogicMonitor’s enterprise-scale SaaS monitoring platform that successfully monitors complex, multi-cloud, and hybrid enterprise infrastructures at a global scale.