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LM Logs streamlines access to log data for Ops teams to resolve business-critical issues efficiently within hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Features include:

  • Importing log data to LM Envision for monitoring and analysis
  • Unified logs and metrics within LM Envision
  • Intelligent log-based anomaly detection
  • Automation correlation via alerting
LM Logs Alerts MTTR

Intelligent log-based anomaly detection

Sophisticated algorithms automatically analyze every element of log data events to detect anomalies and surface them alongside infrastructure alerts for proactive troubleshooting.

Log Processing pipelines

Rapid Troubleshooting via centralized log data

Pivot from metrics to logs in-context to uncover insights across infrastructure resources to remove dead-end investigations.

Thycotic troubleshooting code

Dynamic observability experience

Remove monitoring blind spots by adding context-rich IT and log data to every tech stack layer—in both hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

LogicMonitor Overview dashboard

Enterprise-scale SaaS platform

Built on LogicMonitor’s enterprise-scale SaaS monitoring platform that successfully monitors complex, multi-cloud, and hybrid enterprise infrastructures at a global scale.