LogicMonitor for MSPs: Architecture and Single Pane of Glass Monitoring

IIS LogicMonitor Dashboard

See LogicMonitor for MSPs in action.

Join us for a platform tour where we’ll walk you through our agentless, SaaS-based solution, share how it works, and how you can have instantaneous visibility into the health of your customer’s infrastructure with a single pane of glass.

Benefits and features covered include:

  • Faster, smoother onboarding of new customers
  • At a glance visibility into infrastructure health
  • Flexible dashboards to deliver on client’s expectations
  • Greater insights into complex environments

Create rapid time-to-value.

Cloud-based (SaaS) platform auto-detects devices, instances, and their configurations so that you can have clients on-boarded and monitored within minutes.

LogicMonitor Overview dashboard

Gain comprehensive visibility into client infrastructure.

LogicMonitor’s out-of-the-box coverage for 2000+ technologies – including AWS, Azure, and GCP – provides a single pane of glass view into all of the various components in an environment.

Improve the end-user experience.

Troubleshoot faster with a consolidated, single pane of glass view of your customer’s infrastructures.