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Connecting 60 main campus buildings and three remote campus locations that include graduate program facilities and clinical centers under a single monitoring solution ensures that each of the distinguished university’s 9,000 daily active users have consistent access to the expansive network.

Organizations like Loyola University Maryland have been able to significantly reduce operational costs and drive maximum value from investments in sophisticated network upgrades, all thanks to LogicMonitor’s SaaS-based infrastructure performance monitoring platform.

Rich Tradition Supported By Next-Gen Technology

The Jesuits that founded Loyola University Maryland nearly 170 years ago were probably not concerned with the backend IT infrastructure that would one day support the four thousand undergraduates traversing its expansive 21st century campus

In 2011, the elite university that graduated beloved icons such as Tom Clancy needed a wholesale network upgrade. Michael Dieter and the Network Infrastructure team set about finding a solution.

Loyola implemented its “Next-Gen Network” in 2011. This was a complete network upgrade that required a significant change in architecture and increases in capacity and service-delivery capabilities.

The upgrade resulted in greatly elevated network standards and a diverse technology portfolio that includes Juniper Network Switches and Palo Alto Firewalls, HPE/Aruba WLAN infrastructure and VMWare ESX hosts.

The resulting success and sophistication of Loyola’s implemented Next-Gen Network made the insufficiencies of its incumbent monitoring system immediately obvious. It simply could not meet the higher standards of the newly minted network

Monitoring Upgrade

Like many organizations, Loyola’s monitoring capabilities were comprised of a patchwork of different tools for each system. This meant that strategic actions like actionable analysis, evaluation and optimization had to take a back seat since the team could be spending up to 75 percent of its time on overhead just to keeping monitoring tools and related systems running.

The organization needed more visibility into the university’s now highly sophisticated infrastructure and an ability to scale that infrastructure without adding management overhead.

Key requirements of Loyola’s solution were:

• A minimal number of monitoring products, ideally, a single provider

• Low administrative overhead to implement and manage

• Interoperability with a range of network infrastructure products

• Remote access to monitoring data

• Role-based access control

• Ability to provide functionality in BC/DR situation

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LogicMonitor has been effective, efficient, flexible and powerful, and we know we have barely scratched the surface of its potential.

Michael Dieter

Senior Systems Engineer, Loyola University Maryland

LogicMonitor Solution

After considering multiple vendors, Loyola’s team chose LogicMonitor’s SaaS-based monitoring solution because it was able to provide full visibility into every device under Loyola’s management.

The value and ROI to Loyola were immediate: LogicMonitor began collecting hundreds of thousands of data points within minutes of deployment. The monitoring platform provided Loyola with a streamlined, single-solution process that allowed for reduced time to resolution, improved operational performance, increased visibility, and decreased IT overhead and cost.


After deploying LogicMonitor’s core solution, Loyola gained access to automated network scanning and device configuration, flexible alerting, real-time dashboards, powerful forecast reporting, and more.

With the addition of LM Config, LogicMonitor’s configuration monitoring and management solution, Loyola drastically reduced configuration overhead and time-to-resolution. The solution can automatically detect, monitor, alert on and restore configuration files for a wide variety and number of devices.

Constant uptime, quick troubleshooting, and increased efficiency all come as the result of LogicMonitor’s SaaS-based architecture. In the event of network issues that affect end users, Loyola’s Network Service group now easily troubleshoots issues to quickly and accurately isolate any network problem. Even during an outage, the IT department receives network notifications due to SaaS architecture of the monitoring application.

Basic patching and updating procedures used to take up a disproportionate number of the team’s limited time for monitoring. Loyola now spends almost 100% of its monitoring time actively engaged with its monitoring data instead of struggling with system administration and is able to sustain itself with less than an FTE. No more wasted time, effort, or money!

With the deployment of LogicMonitor, Loyola’s IT team is afforded the time and tools to be more proactive. Actionable insights provided by the total monitoring solution have resulted in improved overall operational performance and network compliance across all switches, routers, and devices. This ensures its IT infrastructure is readily available to students, faculty, and staff members.

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