Network Monitoring & Modernization

Solution Brief

Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

If you’re in a networking team shifting to SaaS solutions, selecting the correct monitoring platform is vital. Unlike platforms that bill by peak usage, LogicMonitor’s LM Envision avoids unexpected budget impacts. With over 15 years of continual innovation and coverage for various networking resources, including SD-WAN, wireless, and cloud-managed networking, LM Envision is the perfect solution for your transition.

LM Envision also provides access to the latest AI technology for anomaly detection, event correlation, and price predictability. With premium network monitoring capabilities, including hybrid observability for servers, virtualization, storage, databases, applications, and services – LM Envision has you covered.

Say goodbye to unexpected budget impacts and hello to comprehensive coverage and advanced technology with LM Envision.

Network monitoring & modernization solution brief

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