On-demand webinar

How to control cloud spend with a unified monitoring approach

Cloud with Confidence – Best Practices for Effectively Scaling and Optimizing How You Cloud

Is adopting the cloud part of your path to modernization? Maybe it’s your whole path. Maybe you have business directives to shift workloads or applications to the cloud so you can increase productivity and reduce cost. But the reality is that cloud costs sneak up as IT environments get more complex and move into the hybrid and multi cloud space. Before you know it, that initial investment has developed into a web of hidden costs that you can’t pin down. So how can you control spend but continue to scale your hybrid environment?

In this webinar, join Ismath Mohideen, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, and Patrick Sites, Principal Account Executive & Cloud Specialist, as they discuss how to control cloud costs with a unified monitoring approach.

You’ll learn:

  • Why monitoring cloud utilization matters
  • How to visualize and optimize your cloud spend at every level
  • How LogicMonitor’s dashboards and service utilization insights can help