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VEM Sistemi Saves 60% More Time To Dedicate To Customers

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Managed Service Provider (MSP)


As Giovanni Toscani, Head of Managed Services at VEM Sistemi puts it: “Our key differentiating point is competency.” However, with VEM Sistemi’s previous monitoring infrastructure, engineers had to manually perform numerous routine tasks, which not only took them away from in-depth analysis but also was hurting team morale.

“The limit is the number of engineers and the number of hours needed to do this,” said Giovanni. “We gave customers a good experience, but the vendors and technologies were changing very quickly. We were growing, and our solution, vendor, and technology portfolio was increasing. So we started looking for a new observability engine under the hood of our myvem platform for intelligence, analytics, and reporting.”


VEM Sistemi had an in-house program with specific features tailored for them, but also needed to improve their existing monitoring tool with a more robust enterprise IT platform that scaled with their growth. “The reporting and analysis functionalities were a challenge with our program,” recalled Giovanni.

“The challenge was the speed to adopt new reports for our customers’ changing needs” continued Giovanni. “Customers would ask: ‘How much time do you need to do your reporting activity?’ We could start tomorrow, but we had to do it manually. This was not scalable. Even if my sales colleagues were able to sell it, I didn’t have enough arms to do it.”

VEM Sistemi needed to speed up its capability to manage, monitor, analyze, and control new technologies. After a thorough search, they found their solution in LogicMonitor.

With LogicMonitor, we save an average of 50–60% of the time that we’re able to dedicate to our customers and put it into higher-quality service.

Giovanni Toscani Head of Managed Services, VEM Sistemi


“We started working with LogicMonitor because we found a very important value,” noted Giovanni. “You can monitor almost everything that is reachable by IP. Thanks to deep technical analysis and automated data collection, I’m able to tell our customers: ‘You can monitor everything and reduce your risks for future incidents.’”

However, while VEM Sistemi implemented LogicMonitor for its robust and thorough monitoring capabilities, the MSP quickly realized that they could use the platform for much more.

“We don’t only need a monitoring platform,’” said Giovanni. “LogicMonitor is able to support all of our needs, which include both reporting and gathering data. With LogicMonitor, gathering that information was really simple from a technical perspective.”

By making it much simpler for VEM Sistemi to gather data and information, the MSP was now able to better focus its engineers’ time on more important tasks.

“Reporting is more important than monitoring for us,” said Giovanni. “The monitoring process with LogicMonitor is almost automatic, so we’re able to use the capabilities of our engineers to analyze the output.”

Giovanni estimates that VEM Sistemi’s engineers now save anywhere from 50% to 60% of the time they previously spent on data collection. With this extra time, the engineers are able to provide even more thorough data reporting and analysis, with tighter turnarounds.

“We’re not just saving time,” said Giovanni. “We’re repurposing time for better customer engagement. Now that we’re saving more time on all of these tasks, we’re able to put it back into even higher-quality service.”

With its engineers freed up from routine tasks, VEM Sistemi can address more customers and customers with high-expanding capacities, such as incident management, request fulfillment, escalation, and problem management.

The benefit is two-fold. VEM Sistemi recognizes its most important resource is its people. In the constant struggle to hire and retain highly qualified talent, LogicMonitor has provided VEM Sistemi its most important value: boosting employee morale.

“We used to have our very qualified engineers doing boring manual tasks that a computer can do,” noted Giovanni. “Now our engineers use their knowledge and training to do something more useful. This is the biggest value, and it is something we’re working to capitalize on even more.”

Thanks to LogicMonitor’s comprehensive monitoring and data-gathering capabilities, VEM Sistemi is able to grow its business, improve customer engagement, and boost employee morale.

“The happiness of people is not a numeric value,” said Giovanni. “Employee satisfaction and morale are very important to me and to the company. This value is much more important than any number.”

We don’t only need a monitoring platform. LogicMonitor is able to support all of our needs, which include intelligence, analytics, and reporting. With LogicMonitor, gathering that information was really simple from a technical perspective.

Giovanni Toscani Head of Managed Services, VEM Sistemi