EMA Report

WAN transformation with SD-WAN: establishing a mature foundation for SASE success

Software-Defined WAN Technology (SD-WAN) has changed the way network teams secure and optimize network connectivity, increase visibility, and reduce costs. As organizations continue to adopt SD-WAN and SASE, most teams opt to employ multiple vendors across their networks. If you’re running multiple SD-WAN and you need a solid grasp of network health and performance, it’s critical to use a comprehensive monitoring solution that can actively monitor multiple SD-WAN vendors.

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What’s in the report?

This report from EMA research considers SD-WAN and SASE strategies and trends, and covers how leading enterprises monitor the combination of native monitoring and third-party network monitoring tools. EMA surveyed more than 300 IT professionals across North America and Europe who are responsible for and/or influence their company’s WAN strategy. In the report, discover several ways to optimize WAN application performance to successfully migrate towards implementing your own SASE strategy.

Key findings:

  • Enterprises must prepare for a future in which wireless WAN connectivity and secure remote access for hybrid work are integral parts of SD-WAN implementations.
  • SD-WAN is undeniably the foundation of SASE, which appears to be the future of networking and security.
  • Enterprises are struggling with their transition from SD-WAN to SASE.
  • 38% believe they’ve been completely successful with their SD-WAN solutions so far, while nearly 50% see room for improvement.
  • 73% of organizations are monitoring SD-WAN with third-party network monitoring tools, but only 41% are fully satisfied with this third-party monitoring.