14-Day Free Trial of LM Logs

LM Logs automatically analyzes 100% of your log data to uncover root causes to alerts as well as uncovering unknown issues predictively. Here’s what you can expect from your free trial experience:

  • Full access to LM Logs, which includes:
  • Comprehensive and extensible log collection
  • AIOps-based log anomaly detection
  • Keyword search and filtering
  • You’ll also have full access to the LogicMonitor platform including network, server, and cloud monitoring. Our core platform features include:
  • Automated device discovery
  • Alerting and escalation chains
  • 2000+ monitoring integrations
  • Pre-built dashboards
  • A dedicated sales engineer
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Full suite of training modules

Next Steps

We tailor your trial to your unique environment and technical requirements. We’ll send you an automated confirmation email as soon as you hit submit. After that, we’ll reach out via email to set you up with a product expert.

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