How MSPs Can Future-Proof Their Business in the Era of Remote Work

How MSPs Can Future-Proof Their Business in the Era of Remote Work

The new era of remote work has accelerated the need for businesses to adopt digital transformation strategies faster than ever to ensure their relevance and longevity in the marketplace.  As priorities shift in this direction, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are quickly adapting to better serve their customers. 

Recently, LogicMonitor commissioned a research study of 500 IT decision-makers around the globe to understand how organizations are evolving in the face of unexpected crises. In short, cloud adoption is accelerated and automation is key, as shown by data from the study: 

87% of IT leaders believe the COVID-19 pandemic is causing organizations to accelerate their migration to the cloud.

94% of IT leaders expect IT automation to become a focus in the next three years.

So what does this mean for MSPs? 

In order for MSPs to future-proof their business during this time of rapid and unexpected transformation, they need to invest in technologies that will position them to meet the new demands of the businesses they serve: rapid acceleration of cloud usage and a heavy focus on automation. If bets are placed here, MSPs will be well-positioned to maximize long-term lifetime value and land new business. 

Adopt a Cloud Monitoring Solution  

As MSPs are helping more businesses shift workloads to the Cloud to service the needs of a remote workforce, adopting a monitoring solution that easily extends to the Cloud is critical. There will always be legacy infrastructure, so a hybrid monitoring solution is key. Monitoring coverage across on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure allows you to right-size workloads and improve capacity planning during a migration. This helps make the process smoother, more efficient, and cost-effective 

As the three major cloud providers vie for market share, MSPs can further future proof their strategy by adopting a multi-cloud monitoring approach – one that provides coverage for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).   

Invest in Automation

IT automation – and more specifically AIOps – is gaining serious momentum as businesses fast-track digital transformation. AIOps, which stands for artificial intelligence for IT operations,  combines big data and machine learning functionality to provide context-rich, meaningful alerts. These insights illuminate patterns that enable businesses to predict and plan for what’s ahead. 

AIOps is important for MSPs, both internally and externally. Automation should be built into the services they provide to their customers to prevent issues and improve overall customer satisfaction. It should also be adopted internally so that their highly skilled engineers can dedicate time and energy to more strategic projects that will drive revenue for the business. According to the LogicMonitor survey, 93% of IT leaders agree that investing in automation is worthwhile for exactly that reason – because it allows teams to focus on more strategic tasks and initiatives. 

Automation is instrumental in maintaining business continuity, which is now more important than ever. The survey reveals that teams who invested in automation before the pandemic weathered the storm far better than those who did not. Not only will automation help MSPs stay one step ahead, but their customers will stay up to date as well. 

Now’s the time for MSPs to double down and show their customers that they are investing in technologies that can propel their business forward, even in uncertain times. Check out LogicMonitor’s AIOps Early Warning System in action to see how it can help you plan for what’s ahead.