Have confidence that your websites are working where it matters: outside your infrastructure, for the end-user.


  • Alerts – your staff knows immediately if websites go down
  • Error Details, Traceroute Information in the alerts help troubleshoot root causes
  • Organize Websites – group by customer, location, etc.
  • Define Check Intervals – between one and ten minutes
  • Simple Checks – URL availability, content
  • Multi-step Checks – log in, perform action, log out
  • Verify Login Authentication Working – check with username/password
  • Historical Performance Graphs – read, wait, connection and DNS times

Sitemonitor checks your websites from multiple locations at intervals you specify. If unavailable, the staff in your escalation chain receive alerts via email, SMS, or phone calls.

With LogicMonitor, log in from anywhere to quickly troubleshoot issues. Historical trending graphs and detailed error data in Sitemonitor help you pinpoint when and where the problem originated.

By monitoring websites along with the rest of your infrastructure in LogicMonitor, you can correlate performance issues across your entire IT landscape to quickly hone in on the root cause.

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