EA Collector – 29.100

Last updated on 15 October, 2022


  • Introduces the Collector Script Cache to allow caching of things like session tokens between collection intervals, without dumping things on the filesystem.
  • Groovy scripts for PropertySources and TopologySources now run in the SSE.
  • The xxd dependency for Linux Collectors is now shipped with the Linux Collector. This was unavailable in many Linux distributions by default.
  • Systemd unit file is now stored in /etc/systemd/user for non-root installations.
  • Introduces Extra Large (XL) and Double Extra Larger (XXL) size collectors for 16 GB and 32 GB of RAM. See Collector Capacity.
  • Improvements made to prevent dead, timed out JDBC tasks from stacking up.
  • Improved SSE error messages.
  • NetFlow exports received over UDP can now be processed in a multi-threaded manner on the Collector. Previously, processing was limited to a single thread.
  • The !http debug command now supports timeout, HTTP version, header, and body arguments to facilitate troubleshooting.
  • Instance-level property (ILP) values supplied in Active Discovery scripts no longer require URL encoding. Previously, reporting a character such as “%” would cause parsing to fail.
  • TinyRADIUS Java Library is now included. LogicModules that utilize these to test RADIUS login will be available in a future release.
  • Augur Systems’ TACACS Java Library is now included. LogicModules that utilize these to test TACACS+ login will be available in a future release.
  • Upload scripts are now sent to agent/local/bin instead of agent/lib.
  • Custom JARs should now be placed in agent/local/lib instead of agent/lib.
  • Added scripts to allow the migration of a Collector running as root or Administrator to a non-root or non-Administrator user.
    • Windows: agent/bin/windows/updateToNonAdmin.ps1
    • Linux: agent/bin/linux/updateToNonRoot.sh
  • Added a warning that installing the Collector to run as a non-root user on Linux requires editing /etc/sudoers. This dependency is targeted for removal in a future version.


  • Log indicating absence of agent/conf/agent.conf.local is now WARN level instead of ERROR.
  • Improved the error message when failing to install on a non-x86, 64-bit OS. Previously, we indicated that failure was because the OS was not 64-bit when, in actuality, it was because we don’t support ARM64, for example.
  • Fixed issue mentioned in 28.005 notes, where Upload Scripts would fail if they didn’t print out a newline at the end of the collection script.
  • Fixed issue where long debug commands were unrecognized as valid commands
  • Fixed issue in which the TaskCountInQueue datapoint found in the LogicMonitor_Collector_ConfigCollectingTask DataSource would return negative values.
  • Fixed issue where debug commands could not handle special characters