VectorUSA prevents downtime with intelligent alerting

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Managed Service Provider

VectorUSA designs, builds and maintains efficient, effective and secure data, voice and video networks to provide custom tech solutions for schools, ports and terminals, hospitals, commercial enterprises, and government agencies. 

The Situation

VectorUSA is headquartered in California with multiple locations within the state, one of which being in Rancho Cucamonga where their internal data center is located. Before LogicMonitor, if the company experienced any connectivity issues with their ISP, or if a system went down in the middle of the night, the team was not alerted by their on-prem monitoring solution. Since this solution could not alert them externally when an ISP issue was at hand, there was a great risk of losing valuable data or service for their customers. 

The Solution

Utilizing LogicMonitor’s ability to collect and report on data via cloud-based collectors, the team was able to clearly see which circuits were problematic and which were going up and down all night long. With these insights, the team was able to prove to the ISP that these issues were not related to VectorUSA’s infrastructure. With this resolved and the internet service provider stepping up to aide with these connectivity issues, the team was able to be alerted immediately when their internal systems suffered any downtime. 

The Results

With improved insights and hard data provided by LogicMonitor, VectorUSA has been able to conclusively show that the connectivity issues they were experiencing were on the ISP’s end, allowing them to escalate up the ISP management chain to secure a more consistent level of secure when these issues occur. By resolving this issue, VectorUSA has been able to continue to provide a reliable service to their entire client base.