The shift to IT automation

Resource cost

MSPs are increasingly investing in retaining their top talent, given the 4-6 month time it is taking to fill technical roles. But once engineers are hired, those skilled employees end up spending close to 40% of their week working on manual and repetitive routine tasks.

Automation ideals vs. adoption

Even as many MSPs start to utilize automation, they recognize how much more can still be done. The benefits of automation are far-reaching, saving time and resources while reducing errors and increasing the organization’s ability to scale.

Top 3 benefits of IT automation

While the benefits of automation are clear, implementation might be intimidating, especially when MSPs are under-resourced. Selecting partners and vendors with solutions with AIOps capabilities and automation built-in can help drive MSP modernization.

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METHODOLOGY: In October 2021, LogicMonitor commissioned an independent research firm to survey 600 senior global employees working for IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in nine countries. The goal of LogicMonitor’s research was to understand the state of MSPs in 2022 and beyond, provide key insights into their strategic goals, and offer up recommendations on how to accelerate transformation to attain those goals

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The Next-Gen Managed Service Provider

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